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2341: THEM

Rod and Karen respond to listener feedback.

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  1. reallydarkknight

    Hey fam,

    After listening to Rod talk about THEM last week, I decided to give it a shot. I’m telling you that people online been lying on this show since it came out. The acting on this show is really excellent. These people are ACTING acting. I feel like the overt racism in the show isn’t what moves the character development along. To me, there are the subtle acts that have the most effect on all the characters. And each character has to deal with the acts of racism in their own unique way, just like it affects us all differently.

    The three main characters (husband, wife and the white woman across the street) are way more layered than what you initially see on screen. Once the story unfolds, you see there are levels to all of them. Also, this show is beautifully shot. Give them all the awards, dammit!

    I didn’t intend to write a review, but like Rod, I think if you’ve been reluctant to watch this show, you should give it a shot.


  2. msmarysmile

    Damn it Rod! Are you going to make me watch Them?!?! I had decided not to watch it because I heard about episode 5 or 8 with two very traumatic scenes and decided I just couldn’t do it because of that. I’m not one of those opposed to viewing black trauma. I feel it’s really necessary that we watch these stories particularly because so many are trying to deny, minimize or erase our history and reality. But I also feel like individually we have to make choices about what and how much we watch for our own self care and well being. I will never watch Amistad or 12 Years A Slave again because it was so painful. But your explanation about Them has me so damned intrigued! Grrrr!

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