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2342: Living Corporate

Rod and Karen are joined by Zach Nunn of the Living Corporate Podcast Network to discuss how he got his start in podcasting, Black people in Corporate America, Diversity and Inclusion pushes in the wake of George Floyd’s murder, creating relationships with Black co-workers, awkward moments on the job, his favorite interviews, his dream guest list and the things we do for love.

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  1. mizzbarnes

    Why the Arby’s slander??? If I send you and Karen some Arby’s coupons and a gift card, is that considered sending hate mail? I think not!

  2. Jaymoneen

    This man said Issa Rae look like Gucci Mane and I fell out. Damn near crashed my car.

  3. Joe Spacely

    Great episode. Zach was really good – he either really listens to the show, or really studied up before the episode. Either way, the brother came prepared! I also respected the way he made sure to address both Rod and Karen, when responding or providing information. That can be a problem, when being interviewed by multiple people – the person being interviewed speaks mainly to one person, leaving the others out.

    I can relate to the stories that Zach told, about his experiences with corporate resources. After George Floyd was killed, my job went on quite the proactive campaign, to ensure that everyone knew where they stood on these matters.

    I remember one session, where people of color, in the highest positions, were included on a panel to discuss the idea of “bringing your full self to work”. I don’t believe that the people of color were quite with this program though. One panelist spoke a lot on having spent the past 30 years doing everything BUT bring his “full self” – I doubt he knew what his full self even was, at that point. The white people on the panel going on about how open things were; meanwhile, the POCs all had the posture of “yeah okay – when this shit calms down in 3 months, we’ll see where that ‘bring my full self’ gets me”.

  4. rodimusprime

    Firstly, amazing episode as always! I also feel like I need to preface this comment by stating “ANON Please!” Ya’ll were on-point though in regards to corporate America thinking that promoting black and brown people was the answer to George Floyd’s murder. I work for one of the largest professional services firms in the world, and all I want to know is, “were you not gonna promote me, and every other qualified black and brown person, if George Floyd hadn’t been murdered?” Yes, I want more money and the title that I’ve worked so hard for over the years, but now it’s been diminished somewhat because the conversation has changed. It’s no longer, “we promote and retain the brightest,” it’s now “we need to hire, promote and retain more POCs.” This feeds into imposter syndrome which is already way too prevalent among black people working in white spaces.
    My last point.. Corporate America promoting black people ain’t gonna do shit for George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, or Trayvon Martin.. What y’all (by y’all I mean all the old white men and women) need to stop doing is donating and supporting these bigots and combatting racism on an individual and personal basis, because real talk.. if every major donor of the republican party said we will not be making any further political donations unless critical race theory is mandated to be taught in every public school.. TRUST it’s gonna happen.

  5. EvieE

    There I was, listening to my favorite podcast and enjoying the guest and all of a sudden I catch a stray. Karen is allowed to like Arby’s without wanting it all the time. I love Arby’s but I don’t want to eat it everyday. Karen I support you 100 percent. Eat Arby’s and edamame whenever the hell you want. Rod is a hater.

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