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2343: Bonnets and Black Air Force Ones

Rod and Karen discuss Naomi Osaka opting out of the French Open, Patriss Cullors steps down from BLM, Mo’Nique weighs in on wearing bonnets in public, Bill Cosby Instagram post, Fox News goes after Kamala Harris, TX democrats stop voter oppression bill, Nikole Hannah-Jones UNC controversy and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Joe Spacely

    What I have done – back when I was a youngster – was to walk outside my house with a doo-rag on. The kind with the flap in the back and the tie-around (which I never really knew how to use). Sometimes had a hat on over it – sometimes not. I don’t even think it had any extra impact on the waves. I’m not even sure it was the right type for this, since it didn’t fit tight enough for that. Just a foolish move, for which I am glad there are no pictures.

  2. EvieE

    Once again I’m minding my black ass business and more Arby’s slander. You just can’t help yourself can you Rod? All this restaurant ever wanted to do was give people the meats.

    Monique is trying to get people beat up. If you tap a woman on the shoulder who is wearing a bonnet in public you might get smooth cussed out if you’re lucky but mostly likely catch hands.

  3. Anne

    One more thing. My brother asked for black Air Force Ones, low top as a gift because he said they are comfortable for work. He’s a dentist. Should I tell him he is not representing dentists in a positive light? I’m conflicted.

  4. Anne

    Question. I follow you on Twitter. Is TBGWT planning to do a Spaces event?

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