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4344: Bonnet On The Block

Rod and Karen discuss an email we got about Naomi Osaka, Coronavirus News, Biden speaks on Tulsa, Ellie Kemper ball controversy, Matt James back with Rachel and a Black woman gets a ticket for talking too loud on the phone.

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  1. EvieE

    I find the news surrounding Naomi Osaka interesting because when she started winning she was set up in the media as the anti Serena or one of the “good ones”. It’s not her fault of course because she had no control over the narrative nor did she play along. They even erased her blackness in the beginning even though she’s clearly a biracial black woman and neither part of her is white. But I point to the cartoon of her when Serena had words with the line judge and Naomi was drawn as a petition blonde woman while Serena was drawn as wide and manish.

    But Naomi never downplayed her blackness and has recently been outspoken about BLM. The press for the most part gave her grace because “at least she’s not Serena” .

    And then the press conference controversy happened. The first articles about her were not kind. Even that Goblin piers Morgan came out from his hole to compare Naomi to Meghan Markle to say she’s weaponizing mental health against the press. Martina Navratilova who has a history of making disparaging comments about the Williams sisters had something stank to say as well.

    But then the tide turned and Naomi was given an overwhelming amount of support from other celebrities and athletes which kind of forced the press to rally around her or look like assholes.

    All this to say I think Naomi being the one to push mental health awareness in the face of press was the right person. Even if this wasn’t her intention to begin with. And to be truthful I don’t think it was. I think she is genuinely depressed and tired. But with it being her a conversation has begun. Because had it been Serena the press would have had a field day even though she and Venus had done more for tennis than any other players have done for that sport.

    On another note when I first saw the story about Ellie Kemper I was like nooooo not Kimmy Schmidt. I love that show mainly for Titus but I enjoyed her in the Office as well. I gotta admit I chuckled at some of the jokes but glad I waited for the full story to come out before passing judgement.

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