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2349: Hennessey Rates

Rod and Karen discuss Coronavirus News, Joe Manchin holding America hostage, Supreme court won’t hear gendered draft case, Amazon Pharmacy, Kim’s Convenience cast spills the tea, bad guest behavior, Hunter Biden texts leak, woman crowdfunds breast reduction, couple caught having sex in playground, man drives woman’s SUV into creek and sword ratchetness.

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  1. C Baby

    One thing I’m not looking forward to when I finally get my own place is the inevitable bad guests. Even though I grew up learning the guest etiquette Rod and Karen mentioned in the episode, as I entered adulthood I saw the adults who taught me that etiquette forsake it out of the blue!

    Several years ago my family and I visited my cousin’s new house for the first time. She had just gotten an amazing job opportunity that allowed her and her family to move down south into a really nice house.

    She greeted us at the door, invited us in, and, there was some small talk. Then something made her leave the foyer and go into the next room for a moment. (I don’t remember what.) As SOON as she was gone everyone except me started snooping around the house. Mortified, I took a seat on a couch in the living room next to the foyer while wondering if I should even be in there. There was no plastic, so I assumed it was all good.

    My cousin returned and asked where the family was. I mentioned they were looking around and she seemed slightly annoyed then asked why I didn’t go with them. I said I felt it was rude. I was expecting a guided tour, not the Please Touch Museum!

    When everyone returned my cousin made a pointed joke about their snooping around and mentioned me. A few people mentioned that I was in the living room and that I probably shouldn’t be there!

    In unrelated situations, I’ve been in people’s houses where guests did this. It seems the more well off the person was, the more likely people were to snoop around. People would also ask to be excused to the restroom, take mad long, and later gossip about what was in the medicine cabinet when the host was out of earshot!

    I was never happy or comfortable with these things so people learned not to involve me in their Room Raider shenanigans. Still, the toothpaste is out of the tube with some people I know and it’s left a bad taste in my mouth.

  2. veroyque

    This episode is just soo good *chef’s kiss*! I really needed these jokes, so thank you TBGWT for providing this today. I was especially laughing out loud in public, under my mask though, during the segment about the Sun’s “Worst things to do as a guest” article. I did have one question about showing up on time. I agree that for a party or gathering, it is open aggression. But what about when someone is supposed to pick something up from the house on their own (no party) and they give you a time for when they’ll show up, but then actually don’t arrive until two days and three hours later than that? Is that different?

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