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BDS 401: Sharkus Garvey

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Stan Van Gundy fired, CP3 in the Covid protocols, Mavs destruction, play-offs talk, Brittany Matthews baby, Kevin Ware arrested, Christian Eriksen cardiac arrest, KD’s bodyguard suspeneded, James Harden lashes out at 50 Cent, the shot flopping gotta stop, Glen Davis taunts Kyrie over ankle injury, MLB banning foreign substances, Jason Heyward is unvaccinated but talks about fans, Charles Barkley upset about “cancel culture”, OJ Simpson money going to the Goldmans, NFL loosens covid restrictions for vaccinated players, San Jose Sharks Juneteenth tweet, steroids in the swine, Vontaze Burfict arrested, Suns in 4 guy, Vince Wilfork’s son arrested for stealing from his dad, Kayla Nicole gay pride lingerie, Andrien Broner accused of cheating again, Shoni Schimmel arrested, CJ McCollum not minding his business, Dick Vitale calls Harden the BBC, Cristiano Ronaldo disses Coca-Cola, Reggie Miller on Twitter, Jokic’s bros, Aaron Gordon’s sister, Naomi Osaka sitting out Wimbledon, La La files for divorce and a daredevil dies.


  1. Kemdoc

    Rotimi, Keisha, and JarG3,

    The way they eating this nigga RG3 ass the Fukk up on the twitters. My Gawd. You love to see it. Screaming my wife is white she built different from the rooftops is….a choice.

    See the following tweets I ran into:



    Yikes allegedly https://twitter.com/rvareid/status/1407807848697012226?s=21


    I love the blacks. Lol



    Hey hey Rod, Karen & Jaryl Morey.

    Look RG3, if you don’t take your projecting ass somewhere comparing your milk of magnesia wife to black women, we’re going to have a fucking problem. Like, this man, had the fuckong audacity to post this video, which included him with a small video giving that same cuckold face Dennis Quaid gave in The Intruder & then lied about his intent. Admittedly, I love white women, but nigga, I’m not with his bullshit here being a fucking lame about this. And here’s the worst part, you’re making your wife look very bad with your bullshit. She has a business & you’re blowing it like you blew your knee against Seattle in the 2012 NFL playoffs. Fucking pathetic.

    Speaking of pathetic, can we destroy all evidence of these Sloan conference, high-&-mighty analytical-ass, not knowing to talk to people white dudes? I like stats, I really do, but looking at how the seasons of the Mavs, Jazz & 76ers ended, I think we can say flatly, their way of trying to win is vastly overrated & has yet to workin any of our lifetimes. Like, Rudy Gobert may have a better defensive rate, according to Poindexter McGee, but it don’t matter if you’re getting scored on over & over again, because you’re a steady liability. Giving up a 25 point lead & losing by double digits is simply indefensible, i don’t care how good Donovan Michell is. Ya blew it, Utah. Daryl Morey had a better team than the Hawks & nutted faster than Rick Pitino getting a woman pregnant. Don’t wanna hear this man’s name ever again. You too, Bob Voulgaris, you can get the fuck out too. Luka put up amazing numbers against the Clippers for the second year in a row, how come y’all been stuck in the first round for 100 years since Dirk & them finally got over the hump. Put ’em straight in the trash. Oh & almost forgot, Paul George went “back to life, back to reality” which is a damn shame, because he has been hoopin’ solidly in this postseason. In my opinion, this is the best i’ve ever seen from him in the playoffs, so, of course, he reminds us of who he ACTUALLY is, in the grand scheme of things. Looooooove to see it!

  3. rodimusprime

    What’s up Rod, Karen and J Simmons,

    Is Ben Simmons the Carson Wentz of Basketball but with good knees? If anything Philly loves niggas with “potential”. But like a old coach told me, “potential just means you ain’t did shit yet.” And boy has Ben Simmons not done shit. Do you all think he is tradeable at this point or will Joel Embiid’s knees have to cuss this nigga out next year? Also it’s crazy in 2021 that niggas still getting arrested for weed and even crazier that them niggas was white. Man Alex Caruso getting arrested for weed had me imagining him showing up to lockup and then the scene from Half Baked at rehab center plays out. Also have yall heard the story about Nneka Ogwumike getting skipped over for the Olympics? It’s weird because she is the MVP but couldn’t make a roster spot? It just seems like a real questionable move on the Olympics committee. But anyway love the show as always.


  4. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do Rod, Karen, Jen Simmons and Puerto Rico Suave Dominic Rivera,

    I hope all is well.

    Pride month drawing to close and things are lit as ever. Shouts out to BMX rider Chelsea Wolfe for being the USA’s first transgender woman to qualify for as an alternate for Tokyo Olympics as well as New Zealand weightlifter Laurel Hubbard for being the first transgender woman to qualify for the Olympics straight up. I wish them both the bestest at Tokyo.

    Big ups to *former Cleveland Brown* Carl Nassib for coming out as the first openly gay active NFL player! When folks come out is always their business but it ain’t lost on me he did this after already being a productive NFL player and not ahead of a draft, word to Michael Sam.

    Last week I said the Sixers debasing themselves through The Process only to go out sad in the 2nd round of the playoffs (again) made them the Clippers with more steps. I wanted to apologize for that because the *Playoff P*-led Clippers have actually made the Western Conference Finals before the Sixers returned to the Finals, let alone the Eastern Conference Finals. In fact, the very season the Sixers became the most down bad franchise in NBA history and went 10-72 while LeBron James led the Cavs to an NBA title, their first title ever. And that was only 5 years ago.

    Playoffs right now looking like we’re either getting a first time champion ever coming out the West or first time in a long time champion coming out the East. Either way, someone is lifting that Larry O’Brien before the Sixers got out the second round again.

    Some numerology: Trae Young wears 11. Ben Simmons was a #1 overall draft pick. 11-1=10; Ben Simmons is 10 inches taller than Trae Young yet was too shook to dunk on Ice Trae. Is Trae Young the shortest rim defender ever or is Ben Simmons the most shook #1 pick ever? Not dunking is the newest evolution in Ben Simmons game and what do y’all think will be the next basketball fundamental he just stops doing entirely? My money is on Simmons will just stop dribbling entirely since he’s allegedly a pass-first point guard and time spent dribbling is time spent not passing to the Seth Curry and Tobias Harris aka The Damp Brothers.

    Ben Simmons wears 25 and allegedly plays point guard, the “1”. 5-2=3 and 1, when written as 1.000 is 100%. Do y’all think Ben Simmons thinks he deserves credit for going 3/3 from the field over 7 games or should Joel Embiid use the last of his meniscus to kick Tall DeBarge in the chest?

    I hope y’all have a wonderful and safe weekend as always,

    Niggas only, only niggas,


  5. Teamwombraider

    Salutations, Rod, Ms. Karen & J-Spider Tack!!

    I know the balls deep community is not into baseball but this spider tack-faux controversy is hilarious.
    MLB has pitchers literally taking off their pants in defiance against umpires, opposing managers & baseballs supposed rules.
    This past weekend, all you saw on baseball highlights were pitchers waving their hats, wiping hands and dropping trough!
    Now we need some sensational stuff to pop off with the NHL to increase hockey interest.

    Thanks again guys,


  6. Banger316

    Hey rod, karen and justin this is james aka Lover of persona from twitter. Lets talk about RG3…this muthafucker is the epitome of why the saying shutting the fuck is for free exists. Cause this dude is so sensitive and so pressed about people calling him out on his blackness for various things that he has said/done over the yrs that he is out here embarrassing not just himself this time but also getting this white women he is married to involved as well. TLDR version for those who dont know on wednesday he put out a post on social media showing his fitness heptathlete (Which is a actual term i just learned) wife doing squats and implying she got all that ass, spoiler alert for any blind listeners to the podcast she in fact does not. In all honesty she is kinda generic and as basic of a white women model that there is, which is fine if thats what your into, its just kind of pathetic and sad that some rando on instagram said something about his wife in a sundress and he is on some actually she a pawg…she is not and to paraphrase the great keith malley you cant trick me, i have eyes and btw ive personally seen her instagram acct she aint thicc like that so this nonsense which seems like in hindsight nothing more than a transparent attempt to get more attention on her fitness website is not gonna go the way he thinks it will unless being clowned and her catching these stray jokes is his definition of no press is bad press. As always i love the show and appreciate yall reading my long run on sentence comment.

  7. Amani

    Hey Rod, Queen Karen, and JG3

    Oh Robert. I thought you hit rock bottom with that Andrew Bynum silk press and were finally on the upswing. Folks rocked with you roasting Kirk Cousins and they were talking about making you the next Tony Romo in the broadcast booth. Just couldn’t let that insecurity go! Got your wife’s struggle cakes out here on front street for no reason trying to impress strangers on the internet and now Rob Parker somewhere laughing it up.

    Still if we’re talking about blowing layups can’t forget about Ben Simmons. Could you imagine being a Philly sports fan and watch them disrespect the sport for years in the name of strategy only for their second best player after all that to be Ben Wallace with handles? Doc Rivers out here getting slandered by Josh Smith of all people. You hate to see it. Imagine choosing Tobias Harris for a max deal over Jimmy Butler. Whew buddy!

    Alright y’all appreciate the dope shows as always. Hope y’all have a great week 

  8. fyahworks

    Greetings Rod, Karen, and Jaster P

    1. So down in the bayou there’s so many rumblings, first stan Van gundy got the pink slip, then there’s talking Zion wants to leave, then there talks of the pelicans leaving Nola, which if they do I would love to see a team relocate to Seattle. And now Percy Miller (master p) wants to be the coach of the pels! He says they would win and Zion would be happy!

    2. So brad stevens is wasting no time in his new postion. Poor kemba Walker, Shipped off to the middle of nowhere and Boston got that old thing back! Al Horford is back in Boston and I’m wondering if they gonna keep him or buy him out! Doesn’t Boston have a shitload of big men? Tristan cheating Thompson! Tacko fall and some other niggaz? Does this mean now they gonna keep Marcus smart?

    3. The white mamba Alex Caruso got arrested for weed and paraphernalia! “Watch what happens when we are a 7th seed and get eliminated in the first round! We ride around with weed and rolling papers! Why you think that is? There nothing else to do Sal “

    Appreciate you guys

    Fyahworks out

  9. rodimusprime

    Greetings and salutations Queen Karen, Rod the Duke of Peloton and the Court Jester Justin,

    I know I haven’t written in a while and owe a real letter. For now, I just wanted to say hi and ask if y’all been watching your boy Ben Simmons

    Have a great weekend and Juneteenth,


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