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PG 291: Juneteenth Gentrification

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss positive feedback at the job, bad job PTSD, dealing with insecure managers, the Elliptical saga comes to an end, Juneteenth becomes a national holiday, I, Sniper,  getting a Peloton, listener feedback and pre-game news.

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  1. fyahworks

    What’s up y’all

    I just gotta say THIS. Is the favorite part of my week! I look forward to pg and bds every week. I’m also looking forward to your peleton journey Rod and Karen!

    I also binged black lady sketch show and I enjoyed that shit! It actually made me like Robin thede even more!

    This week, on the show you guys spoke about airlines and the cancelling of flights etc. and I see how it’s affecting people. I knew a few people who took flights and got stranded, due to lack of pilots and stewards. It seems like these airlines weren’t prepared for “America opening back up”! They forgot they furloughed people and laid them off, and the people who quit! I almost fell out when rod was talking about blowing the dust off the plane. Nah it don’t work like that! Maintenance of aircrafts ain’t no joke and are quite expensive! All I can say is, for those who do plan to fly, book with caution, cuz it may not be a smooth trip! This is why, even before covid, I would never come back the night before I had to be back to work because you just never know with these airlines.

    Appreciate the dope shows

    Have a great weekend


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