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2355: Old Dog New Tricks

Rod and Karen discuss how social media has changed the value of relationships, update on Latta Plantation, Kevin Hart talking about being canceled again, Southern Baptists Convention controversy, STI’s by state, Rita Moreno defends colorism, woman murders husband with sugar water, women get cheated on and become BFFs, Florida chicken crimes and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    Kevin Hart says a lot of problematic things, especially about the LGBTQ community so his take on cancel culture isn’t surprising. I think he equates valid criticism with trying to be canceled which is ridiculous because practically no one gets canceled except Colin Kapernick and Chrisette Michelle. For someone who claims to be so unbothered about other people’s opinions his skin sure seems thin.

  2. Troubadour_D

    Hey guys, love the show. I just w anted to say Karen was absolutely in her bag this episode I was dying multiple times! Her pun game has gotten so good!

  3. DizzyLizzyGyal

    Karen’s PTSD from church had me dying laughing! As a former Seventh Day Adventist, I could relate lol I still frown for a moment when I see bare arms/legs in a church on TV, even though I haven’t been in a church in almost 10 years. That indoctrination is hard to shake!

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