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2354: Healed People Heal People

Rod and Karen are joined by comedian Myq Kaplan to discuss his upcoming stand up dates, an email from a fan about the show, Coronavirus News, cosmetics contain toxic chemicals, AP will no longer name suspects in minor crimes, Marjorie Taylor Greene apologizes, White People News and can healed people heal people?

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  1. EvieE

    I think Karen contributes a lot to the show especially the bad puns and her support for Arby’s. You’ve been on fire lately Karen and I’m here for it.

    Hopefully AP not reporting minor crimes won’t affect guess the race too much because really some of those crimes in guess the race are quite major just has a funny element to it . Plus there’s always bizarre news sites that would probably still cover them. Either way the show will still be great.

  2. Angela

    Hey Rod and Karen,

    Regarding the bigot, Marjorie Greene, that “apology” feels like part of a larger plan. How she can be that old and not know is beyond troubling. I also think she can shove that apology where the sun don’t shine. It is not a matter of “offense” or “offending anyone”, her racism and anti-Semitism cause real harm. Offense can of course be involved and feelings are important, but being a racist/doing racism is more than hurting someone’s feelings. It is about actual harm. People often try to reduce the effects of racism to someone having hurt feelings. It’s one of the keys tools they use to argue that racism isn’t systemic- “it’s just individuals hurting other individual’s feelings.”

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