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2353: In The Whites

Rod and Karen discuss some random thoughts, Coronavirus News, more people being charged over insurrection, Stacey Abrams working on voting, another right wing plot to divide the left exposed, man upset about fast food upselling, Chipotle raising prices, Slip ‘N Slide, In The Heights colorism, local plantation refuses to apologize for Juneteenth plans and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    I’m glad that Latinx people have in the heights to be proud of. I had considered watching it but after the controversy I decided it wasn’t for me. Maybe Lin Manuel Miranda is sincere about giving more afro Latinx people more opportunities but this is a criticism he has faced long before In The Heights was made so I don’t really believe him until he actually follows through.

  2. SuavyP

    I’m just here to for the “insurrection” intro music. I know there isn’t much insurrection news nowadays but we need more of that bop please!

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