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2360: Karen The Movie

Rod and Karen discuss Coronavirus News, T-Pan and Usher are cool, Dave Chappelle won’t apologize to Candace Owens, cutting off benefits hasn’t lead to more workers, offensive owl assignment, combating violent crime rise, cute fan video, Karen movie trailer, woman who called police on Amazon driver charged with hate crime, Michael B Jordan apologizes, IKEA Juneteenth food controversy, White People News, woman assaults McDonald’s workers, man warns others about energy drinks, man arrested for trying to pass counterfeit money at strip club and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    I thought that Karen trailer was a parody or an SNL type skit because I laughed and laughed the entire time. And someone said it’s an actual movie. I doubt I’d pay to see it in theaters but will definitely catch it ion streaming. Kind of makes me wonder if the director is Tyler Perry writing under a different name which would make so much sense.
    When y’all were talking about the trailer and Karen asked if that was kkk soap the way I screamed had people looking at me crazy. Please say you’ll do a movie review on this one.

  2. Anne

    Just wanted to say that Karen’s Point of View segments this week have been therapeutic. Everything she said seemed like she read my mind and repeated on the podcast. Thanks.

  3. bamil73

    I should really wait until the end of the episode to comment but I wanted to touch on that J’ouvert (pronounced Joo-Vay) Rum thing. I’m glad this didn’t devolve into another version of the diaspora wars. To tell the truth, when I first saw this, the first thing I thought was that a nigga from Trinidad who’s boys with Michael B Jordan came up with the name. If I was starting some rum venture, I would find some Jamaican thing to name it, regardless of the cultural importance. In the past decade or so, there has been a hyper awareness in the West Indies of cultural artifacts from the islands being adopted for profit in the US with no monetary benefit to the islands. I get the sensitivities involved but I don’t know what the rules are for when “homage” becomes “theft”. Some bajans on social media say the Trinis have nothing to complain about because, as they pointed out, Carib Brewers, a Trinidadian brewery, created a beer in 2019 called 246 (Barbados’ country code), with a pelican and broken trident on the label (part of Barbados’ Coat of Arms) and a flying fish (Flying Fish is Barbados’ national dish) specifically targeted for the Bajan market. It should be noted that Trinidad is a larger country than Barbados. I think 30 years ago a brother in the US using the name of a Trini cultural event to brand their rum would probably be seen as an exposure opportunity to boost tourism. Maybe these days that’s not enough.


    • Anne

      I’m a Trini. The issue is with people who are not from the island profiting from the culture. The Carnival culture is unique to the Caribbean islands. I personally don’t see a brand of beer marketed between islands as the same thing. But I get why a Bajan would be upset buying beer from a Trini when there are local brands available.

  4. bamil73

    About the surge in crime in the US, I completely agree with your “conspiracy” theory. You can see the way the narrative is shaping up in the media. The articles now are saying that the recent surge is due to a number of factors related to the pandemic like the economic collapse, heightened anxiety and the move to de-police in some areas. My fear is that as the narrative evolves from “de-policing is one of the contributing factors” into “it’s the major factor” and finally into “the only factor”. Personally, I don’t think de-policing is a factor at all. I think the surge is almost entirely due to the economic collapse coupled with the easy availability of guns.

    I have this theory that the level of policing in an area does not prevent crime. (I know this is pretty much generally acknowledged theory on the left but I like thinking it’s my theory. Let me have this!) By policing, I mean cops in uniform driving or walking up and down a neighborhood on patrol. If you look at the most heinous crimes like rape, murder, kidnapping etc. Those are almost never prevented by policing. These are always solved, if ever, after the fact by investigative detective work which is a lot more mundane than it is violent. Police on patrol always seem to reduce “lifestyle crimes” like property damage, vagrancy, drug use, open containers etc. which are all poverty related and can be addressed at the social level. Like you, my fear is that too many mutha ‘uckas (uckin’ wit ma shi) are going to double down on the shit that doesn’t work instead of trying to lean into the shit that might work like universal basic income, decriminalization of drugs, limiting guns, increased government support for people on the margins. Sadly, your country is built on the notion that the suffering of the poor is divine and helping the poor is denying them the opportunity to lift themselves by their bootstraps through hard work and thrift. For some reason people in general don’t seem to want to accept that crime is directly related to poverty and wealth inequality and want to believe that crime is curable by extreme punitive measures.

    I saw this growing up in Jamaica. Jamaica has always had high levels of violent crime but there was always a high police presence. It was not uncommon to see militarized police and soldiers patrolling the streets with automatic weapons. Where you didn’t see a lot of police was the higher income to wealthy areas where the crime rates were typically lower. We have huge wealth gaps to this day, yet people think the high crimes rates can be solved by having more and more police killing more and more poor people.

    Sorry for the long post


  5. earnestdotcom

    Y’all, those energy drinks are no joke. Back when I was in grad school I did not know how badly they can dehydrate you and I drank multiple in a day. I would start the day with one that was mixed with orange juice (I can’t remember the name) and would then drink a few Jolt colas to get through the night as I worked on my thesis project. One day I just couldn’t get up out of bed. I literally rolled around my room until I could build up the strength to get to the emergency room because I thought I was sick.

    The ER people put me on an IV to rehydrate me and sent me on my way. I learned my lesson after that, but still managed to get waylayed that summer when I walked home from work on a hot day and stopped at a 7-11 for a grape slurpee. I didn’t pay enough attention and drank a whole extra large grape monster energy slurpee on a 90+ degree day.

    TL;DR: Just drink some water. Thank you for the show, and shoutout to the chat room!

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