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SMR 340: The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard

Rod and Karen review action comedy sequel “The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard.” We also discuss some trailers because we actually went to a theater for the first time in over a year!


  1. trojanscooter

    Last weekend I decided to watch Fast 9 around 5 pm EST and realized I would time to watch another movie. I chose this one because it started fifteen minutes later. Also I didn’t see the first one so I paid close attention to the flashbacks. I loved this movie. Banderas stole the show for me. I enjoyed seeing him and Salma on the screen together. His character’s motivation and/plot made sense. He was wealthy and felt that the EU was unfairly punishing Greece and he went, “F@ck this sh!t”. Really enjoyed Bryce being the straight man most of the film and refusing to be violent a la Morgan in the Walking Dead. I did not anticipate Morgan Freeman’s role and entrance. My mouth dropped and I looked around the theater & most folks were surprised like me. Recommended this film to everyone at work and my friends.

  2. Tootietaurus

    OK yall sold me. I was intrigued by the commercials (yes I did see the first one) but your review put me over the top. Sounds like my type of good time! I will be checking it out.


    I laughed a good amount watching this movie, yet, I was underwhelmed. I got all of the particular beats from many of the actors here, but I couldn’t help but notice how cheap this film looked for a $70M film. Action set-pieces felt sloppily directed, which took some of the polish off this joint. Salma Hayek was hammin’ her ass off & anytime a woman get to go scorched earth like the men, I have to give you mad respect. Morgan Freeman was also dope here, I guess I just wish the director could make the fighting & shootouts look sweeter. While this wasn’t a stain on the legacy of action films, it definitely could’ve used more polish.

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