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PG 292: Bust Out The Thighs On ‘Em

Rod, Karen, Justin and Dominic Rivera discuss going back out doing stand up, Juneteenth with White coworkers, Bad Batch, going to the movies, air travel, I, Sniper, Black Summer, Peloton struggle and Pre-Game News.

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  1. fyahworks

    Hey Rod, Karen, and Justin

    Hope all is well! Just celebrated my 4 year wedding anniversary yesterday! I just wanna say black love is great! I learned a lot from you guys and I think the chemistry Rod and Karen has it extraordinary!

    So the jello pudding poster boy is free! Do you think he will follow OJ and start a “hey Twitter world” video series? Giving us his point of view on pop culture? Is r Kelly next? Will we have a “they did that shit “ big 3?? Lol

    On a serious note! Up in New York, there’s a serious pandemic not name Covid 19’! It s more like “drove -it 19”!!

    since last year, but a lot more visible this year, This young niggaz are taking their cars and putting straight pipes on it, from the engine to the muffler and just driving. So these cars are super loud and the faster you go the louder it gets! these young niggaz, whose ink ain’t even dry on their license are driving around a populated city like Brooklyn (nyc) and speeding putting other and themselves in danger..

    2 young men, not even 21, were speeding up a major street at speeds of Atleast 80mph at around 430pm, on Monday afternoon. They lost control, and ending up hitting an utility pole and another car! The irony of the whole situation is, the car stopped right in front an auto collision shop. The passenger died and the driver is in critical condition. summer just started and these young boys out here wildin. I’m sure Charlotte is different, but to my ny peeps behind the pay wall, be careful out here. This summer is hot already and I ain’t talking bout the weather. There’s been plenty of shootings, and car accidents! Not to mention, they started back with the fire works bullshit, but it’s not as bad as last year!
    I appreciate you guys
    Enjoy the weekend!!


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