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BDS 402: T’ird Trimester Trystin’ Thompson Treesome Time

Rod, Justin, Karen and Dominic discuss listener feedback, RG3 goes full Blacked, the 6ers collapse, Ben Simmons, Alex Caruso arrested, Master P wants to coach New Orleans, MLB pitchers pulling down pants, Brett Favre and OJ against trans athletes in the Olympics, Olympic condoms, Logan Paul vs Tyson, vaccinated vs unvaccinated player in NFL, NCAA loses Supreme Court ruling, Tristan Thompson cheating again, Frank Clark had an uzi, Melo mistress gives birth to twins, Vanessa Bryant settles lawsuit, Ben Zobrist wife was fucking the pastor, XFL players can’t get checks, conservatives try to cancel Megan Rapino, Sean Payton wedding photo, Josh Smith disses Doc Rivers, Booker blamed for fan brawl, Devin Funchess put on blast on Father’s Day, Marv Albert accused of racism, Rapaport laughs at KD, Deshaun Watson might sit out seasons, Zaven Collins arrested, fan who got beat up gets doll, TN players arrested, Carl Nassib has highest selling jersey, NFL teams struggling with vaccinations, Christian McCaffrey and Olivia Culpo celebrate 2 years, Sha’Carri Richardson, Team USA puts Kevin Love on it, unvaccinated players in NFL might not be paid for games missed, Celtics coach, Jay Williams was hacked, Mexican baseball brawl, Scottie Pippen being messy, KD and Kyrie boycotted the anthem and Kodak Black buys helicopter to celebrate his Kobe bday.


  1. DrUzo82

    Greetings Rod, Karen, & Jottie Pippen,

    27 years… TWENTY-SEVEN YEARS! What a long ass time to hold a grudge. Scottie didn’t fight this hard to keep his marriage together, but letting the choppa spray on Phil, Toni, and the Bulls for not treating him like the number one while MJ was on a baseball sabbatical? Wow! Who knew the petty was this strong with Scottie? Although, I do wonder how much KD frying him on twitter led to Scottie getting liquored up and telling his truth.

    Speaking of pettiness… could Chris Paul’s performance last night be the pettiest superstar performance in recent memory? The production speaks for itself, but the floppin, the shit talkin, and whatever he said to Pat Bev to get him ejected just gave CP’s game that extra punch, I mean pinch of nuttiness that makes you admire and hate dude at the same time. Low key Pat Bev & CP3 are the same type of petty troll of an NBA guard. The only real difference is that everyone agrees that Pat has to act that way to be in the league, and CP is just being an asshole because he is talented enough not to HAVE to act that way. Hopefully Trae will get healthy enough to be full go in the finals (I know… I’m assuming), because watching CP3 try to bully another 3-point shooting, light skinned point guard should be entertaining.

    Thanks for the great show!

  2. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do Rod, Karen and Jat Bev,

    Happy Bobby Bonilla Day!

    Speaking of niggas collecting checks, shouts out to Paul George for leading the team that sleeps on the Laker’s couch to the Western Conference Finals. Do y’all think PG has earned being called Playoff P unironically? I know it’s *just* the Western Conference Finals, but it’s the Clippers so obviously these niggas is being graded on a curve. Even so, the Clippers looked way better than last year and didn’t feel so hopeless. Am I wrong to chalk some of that up to Ty Lue?

    But they are still the Clippers, so shouts out to the human Black Air Force One Pat Bev for being himself. Pat Bev had to shove Chris Paul cuz CP doesn’t jump enough for Bev to undercut him in a future season.

    The Ten Commandments say, “Thou Shalt Not Lie” and given the NCAA Name, Image and Likeness rules, I just wanna know when Pastor Dabo is going to quit this “sinful” buisness now that the nigr-, uh, “students” can make some money on the side. Not money from the schools they play for, not with labor protections afforded to other professional athletes, but some money on the side. I cannot wait for the first time a college player calls an angry white person broke on Twitter.

    I hope y’all have a wonderful and safe weekend down there,

    Thank you as always,


  3. rodimusprime

    Greetings Rod , Karen and Jactrick Beverly….If this nigga didn’t give you enough already to not like him. This hypocrite Patrick Beverly shoves CP3 in the back after getting his ass cooked by him and Devin Booker. Proving the motto “Don’t dish it out if you can’t take!” I wonder how many Recs this nigga has been kicked out of? Speaking of Chris Balls…I mean Paul He must have heard the critics taking about his legacy if he loses this series and how Cameron Payne should be splitting his minutes and fell like that was a slap in the nuts…I mean face and balled 41pts 8 assist with 0 turnovers delivering a low blow to the clippers and going to the finals! With the Greek Freak maybe missing some games it’s looking like Atlanta is a sure shot to make it to the finals as well and if that is the case Justin who you picking in the light skin civil war Book or Young? Love the show peace.


  4. fyahworks

    Geeetings Rod , Karen, and JG-13

    So Paul George caught a win with a 41 point performance, right before them clippers got clipped. This negro had the nerve to say he got back with his trainer and he is the most criticized star in the league. He must not have heard of a man name lebron James. Paul George sit your over paid ass , Cancun on 3, ass down for the summer please!
    And Shout out to kawhi for taking the series off to film Hyundai commercials.
    Congrats to black coaches getting jobs, j kids to Dallas, David fizdale, to the lakers bench and billups to the blazers! Y’all think billups will stay and fuck with Chauncey or he still trying to get out??

    Lastly a well deserved congrats to the Monty Williams, D book and Chris balls for making it to the finals! Must be nice to beat your old team to make it to the finals when you couldn’t get them to the finals. A lot of shit had to go wrong for the suns to be where they are, but they had a good season. Regardless of who come out the east! (I think hawks) ITS SUNS IN FO’

    Peace y’all

    Fyahworks out!!!

    • fyahworks

      I meant will dame stay in Portland!

  5. rodimusprime

    Hey Karen, Rod and JPat Beverly

    I don’t have extensive commentary on the sportsball stuff because of my low IQ in that area. I only have one question to ask. Do you think Chris Paul told Patrick Beverly that his significant other tastes like Cheerios?


  6. Teamwombraider

    Hello Rod, Karen & Playoff J!

    Thanks guys for another week of hilarity in sport’s. The Clippers are actually hanging in there. Hopefully CP3 doesn’t strike anyone in the berries and ride this good karma wave to the finals.
    Also, It’s nice that Chauncey and Jason were able to get pull in some work opportunities. Not to blow the ITWAN horn but I wonder how is it we never hear about the strange things that occur with Steve Nash or JJ Reddick e.g., who apparently made a lady abort his child through the courts system. These brothas need a new playbook.

    Thanks again,

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