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2365: Sandwich Police

Rod and Karen discuss Bill Cosby being released from prison, West Coast heat wave, Supreme Court decisions on evictions and police searches, Nikole Hannah-Jones awarded tenure at UNC, Black nationalists try take a woman’s home, Mass town reparations, Dakota Skye found dead, White People News, man threatens McDonald’s over missing sauce, nail salon biting, nail salon shooting and sword ratchetness.

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  1. trey_swindu744

    I’m beyond pissed about Cosby getting out It’s even worse hearing some women defend this fake ass , rapist ass , punk ass respectability politics , piece of shit miscreant Cosby. How dare Phylicia support this evil muthafucka, I wonder if she would feel comfortable leaving her adult daughter Condola (who is an actress too- Billions on Showtime) alone with Cosby . Rod & Karen somebody needs to explain to her that all that blind loyalty she is exercising is going to mess up her own career.

    Also both can be true , yes Phylicia he might have been a good boss to you , but he can also be a VERY BAD PERSON- which he is. She gon fuck around and find out I swear. Sending nothing but love and support to all assault survivors, y’all deserve to be believed and that’s all I got .


  2. EvieE

    I think the thing that bothers me the most about Bill Cosby is that he was a whole ass rapist who was constantly telling black men and women they weren’t shit. For the sake of argument let’s say those 70 plus women who came forward are lying which is highly unlikely. He was still a serial adulterer and really had no business preaching respectability to anyone. He choke on a big gorilla dick. I hope he gets a huge hemorrhoid and. Fuck him forever.

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