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PG 293: Religious Read

Rod and Justin discuss rumors at the old job, Bill Cosby released from prison, Clone Wars, Black Summer, I, Sniper, Rick and Morty, Fatale, riding the Peloton, your girl ordering food, listener feedback and Pregame News.

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  1. fyahworks

    What’s up Rod. Karen. And Justin

    Hope the week has been kind to y’all! Up top has been a heatwave and it’s only gonna be followed by this bitch, tropical storm elsa. Thoughts and prayers to everyone in her path

    So I hear you Rod talking about black summer. And I say to myself I gotta check this out. Of course I’m a twd/Ftwd fan and I also watched all of z nation. I jump on Netflix and it’s telling me watch again? Or start season 2! Come to find out, I did watch season 1 and totally forgot about it. But it all came back to memory once I watched the trailer on you tube. So I’ve started season 2 and that shit is dope! And if it wasn’t for you Rod I wouldnt have even know it was back! The pandemic threw me off, because when I checked , I watched that shit in 2019! And the further me move away from 2020, things become a blur!

    Also where can I find the I, sniper? I wanna watch that! I remember when that happened!! This doc sounds interesting.

    I appreciate the recommendations of shows /docs
    And of course the number one show behind the paywall!

    Fyahworks out

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