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BDS 403: Fuckboi Olympics

Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, controversial NBA coaching hires, NCAA allowing players to get paid off Name, Image and Likeness, Scottie Pippen being messy, Trump baseball fans, Harlem Globetrotters want NBA team, Tristan Thompson, Tour De France crash, Lamar Odom baby mama drama, OSU abuse case, Trevor Bauer sexual assault allegations, Phil Mickelson upset with media, Tamorrion Terry indicted, IG model claims credit for Suns success, Maria Taylor wants the bag, Gwen Berry speaks out about the anthem, NBA floor cleaner salary, Sha’Carri fails drug test, KCP robbed, LaLa thirst trapping, Pearl Gonzalez beats woman badly, Luka and Zingis beefing, Donovan Peoples-Jones dating Valerie Loureda, Jalen apologizes for Kevin Love diss, Patrick Mahomes licking his fiance’s boob and Van Gundy under fire fo “sissification” comment.


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do Rod, Karen and the JCAA,

    I hope all is well.

    Name, Image and Likeness passed and these kids are out here getting to money. Love to see it. NCAA can’t do nothing about it neither. Y’all see a gym in Miami that has offered to sponsor all 90 scholarship football players with $500 stipends? Oh this shit is just getting started and is gonna be amazing. Shouts out in advance to whatever Arkansas players Jerry Jones decides to make spokespeople for whatever businesses he runs.

    Y’all was onto something last week about Chris Paul being so annoying when he doesn’t need to be. There is no reason on earth Chris Paul and Pat Bev should have overlapping skillsets but Chris Balls is the same dude who had one of the most egregious flops I’ve ever seen against Demarcus Cousins in the Western Conference Finals. I wanna be happy for him but goddamnit he makes it hard.

    I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend and thanks as always for the dope shows,


  2. fyahworks

    What’s the good word Rod , Karen, and J bad teammate!

    1) I’m sure the Rachel Nichols fiasco will be covered so I won’t go to much into it. But I wanted you guys thoughts on jimmy Butler popping Rachel’s bubble in the bubble last season (allegedly aka according to black Twitter)

    2) So the Nba Finals is here! Giannis came back to a loss! I just hope he don’t pull an Anthony Davis and re injure himself, rushing back. Jae crowder is back in the finals, for a second year in a row, maybe this time he will walk away with some hardware.

    3) Torrey Craig of the suns (formerly of the bucks) is this years Dion waiters. Meaning he get a ring no matter who wins! Rod, I was wondering if you could explain to me how this is possible! How could you no longer play for a team, whether you were waived, traded, etc and still be in line for a championship ring? Last year Dion was started the year with the heat! And In the words of Stephen A “he couldn’t stay off the weeeeedddddddd!” So he got cut by the heat, to be picked up by the lakers, come playoff time. ( he didn’t even play for pass the first round) and was fortunate to get a ring on the winning side of things.

    4) Lastly next season is the 75th year of the nba exsistence and they have a special logo which is basically a Diamond with the Jerry west logo and the numbers 75! What ever happened to the change the logo talk to Kobe?
    Appreciate you guys

    Have a great weekend



    Hey Rod, Karen & J-Woj

    Is it bad that I found that Rachel Nichols article more funny than sad? From Nichols trying her damndest to not slander her co-worker but still slanders her while trying to talk shit to the higher-ups at ESPN, Adam Mendelsohn saying an understandable thing about his job descriptions but you just can’t say that out loud because it’s a bad look & you’re a white dude & not even in the article, fucking Amin El Hassin taking a bullet for Rachel on Twitter, which got his ass fried, since, Twitter don’t give a fuck about context, no matter the case. To be fair to Amin, however, he did clean that up well with his LeBatard appearance alongside Jemele Hill who had some Equalizer 1-like bars on the episode on Tuesday. ESPN has a shitty management problem, like really shitty. They’ve chased after white dollars that aren’t coming back, limited talented people like Jemele, Mike Smith & LeBatard who then left for greener pastures, be willingly mull on issues of race, sexism & misogyny to not offend viewers, etc.

    Maria Taylor did nothing but do her job & does it very well & Rachel, unfortunately, let her truth feelings fly. Even if ESPN did botch who was suppose to cover what in the NBA for hosting the Finals on ABC, in my opinion, the damage is done. Lisa Salters, who’s been with Disney forever is pushed aside like Pam Oliver is at Fox Sports, Cassidy Hubbarth, etc. For me, I think that told me a lot of how ESPN sees its black & brown employees. Say what you will of John Skipper’s final years at ESPN, he ain’t Jimmy Pitaro, who’s been Nathan Peterman-ing decisions for the white gaze. He’s like Peter Thiel terrible. Meadowlark’s getting former ESPN employees on that pirate ship & then some, talking about whatever the fuck they want like they’re on HBO or FX after 10pm.

    In closing, Maria’s gone. They can pay her a King’s Ransom, I don’t think she’ll stick around there, because of the many times ESPN has been fucking up with this. I’m willing to be wrong, as well, if she does stick around there. Disney has plenty of functioning subdidaries like Marvel Studios & Lucasfilm. ESPN feels out of place in an ever changing paradigm. You can’t just sell us on the Wide World of Sports & using out-of-context videos of Muhammad Ali to perform the moniker “The Power of Sports”. Good luck, ESPN. Y’all gone neeeeeeeeed it!

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