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BDS 404: Hegelian Dialectic

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Rachel Nichols scandal, Dan Snyder, OJ Simpson on the NFL’s covid rules, Mulan Hernandez rejects her man’s money, HS basketball team racism, Alana Walker racking up deals, Trevor Bauer on leave, Olympics bans cis Black women for too much testosterone, Michael Irvin robbed, pro golfer killed, Gwen Berry’s old tweet, Jake Fromm got married, Chickillo family bout that life, NHL goalie dies by firework, Naomi will compete in Olympics, swim cap for Black hair will be reevaluated, Tristan Thompson, Olympics will have no fans, Lil Baby arrested while hanging with James Harden, Lebron James get abusive messages online, Travis Kelce called cheap, Maya Jama smooching with Ben Simmons, Greg Hardy, US Women’s Soccer team anthem controversy, fight has covid outbreak, Ally Rossel, Cavs might trade pick, Boris Becker goes too far, Sha’Carri not going to Olympics, IG model exposes Ja’Marr Chase, Kwame Brown and Larry Johnson Hotep Corner.


  1. jamielscorpio

    What up Rod, Karen, and Jephen A. Smith. I did not have Stephen A. Coming off the top rope with the classic late 90’s early 2000’s speak the language tropes. Quite frankly I shook my head at him when he said that. Also I wanted to write in because I’ve noticed something during the last week and I think the silence will continue to go on about it. And that is how them Chad Wheeler niggas have been quiet about Barkavious Mingo and Richard Sherman. Just proving once again them niggas were and are full of shit. As always peace

  2. trojanscooter

    What’s up y’all?! I stopped the pod to listen to the episode of Le Batard and felt that some context is needed regarding Amin El Hassan. Amin worked in the front office of the NY Knicks and Phoenix Suns prior to joining ESPN. While there he started a content company with his friends and others who worked at ESPN titled Count the Dings. Early on he and those people did what Meadowlark is doing on a smaller scale. Many of Amin’s friends from that company, Ethan Strauss, Zach Harper, Travonne aka Black, and Wos aka Big Wos got jobs with The Athletic after the company they started with Amin was acquired. Amin was talking just as spicy while working at ESPN on the show Black Opinions Matter Mondays. Back when Bomanj was under fire for wearing the Caucasians shirt, he spoke in defense of Bo. He’s defended Pablo at times as well so hearing him speaking in support of Rachel in a nuanced way isn’t surprised. The conversation amongst the three of them was excellent.

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