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TNO 171: Intergalactic Onlyfans

Rod, Karen, LaShonda and Shanna discuss listener feedback, entertainment, animators being underpaid, Black Widow making lots of money, Dead Space re-imagining, Overwatch Cross-Play, Dan Harmon getting new show, Pokemon leakers must pay, Fast sequel ideas, Jonny Quest movie, Polly Pocket movie, Sniper Ghost Warrior marketing stunt, game worth 10k donated to Goodwill, The Flash has main cast returning, Tida Swinton speaks about white washing controversy, Xbox giftcard thief caught, Lovecraft Country canceled, Black Adam finishing filming allegedly, RDJ unfollows Marvel stars on IG, Control sequel, Nintendo Switch getting bigger screen, seal copy of Legend of Zelda worth a million, PS4s and Xbox Ones hard to get, Universal and Dreamworks movies will come to Peacock, Twitch not protecting marginalized streamers and WWE fans harass Kenice Mobley.



    Well, things have certainly gotten spicy at Big Dick Mickey’s over the past couple of days with Scarlett Johansson suing them over Premier Access. At first, I did side with Disney, in regards, that, prior agreements were made before the pandemic; then, I read the testimony from Scarlett’s lawyers & had a change of heart & understood the circumstances of her complaint.

    I know we’re in this “kill the rich, protect the poor & spread the wealth” type of atmosphere here, I feel that, this shit will be settled in court & debts will be owed. A lot of fuss is being made of this on Twitter, but, ultimately, the bloodbath they want, won’t even happen, imo; &, everyone performatively hating corporations will die down again, until, Amazon is in the news for shipping their whole operations to space as vengeance against Congressional politicians over taxes.

    If it’s also confirmed that Emily Blunt & Emma Stone want their cut, so be it; pay them too, just to bury the hatchet; but, I can’t but feel that this does feel very ITWAN to me, considering the fucking pandemic’s still going on. Anyway, I still think the smart thing is to pay ’em whatever the asking price is, if you’re in Disney’s position.

  2. Felix

    Hi y’all, Felix here, hope everyone’s doing well. Really enjoyed last episode. I really miss hearing Shanna and The Doctor more regularly in my podcast feed so this was very appreciated. Gonna keep it shorter this time because ya boi is very stressed out and has a deadline looming.

    Ok first off, That Loki finale just hit right in every way possible. Every characters arcs just culminated in such a satisfying way and others left off in an intriguing place too. Can’t wait for more. Also just shout-out the people that were able to watch those 3 in a room looking as good as they did and not getting flustered.

    ***Spoilers, pls skip if y’all aren’t doing those this episode***
    Jonathan Majors really just hits different for me as Kang man. Ever since I saw him shirtless in Da 5 Bloods I’ve just been in a trance. Can’t wait to see some black time travel villainy be afoot going forward. He already looked so damn sexy as a CG statue in the outfit. I wanna see him in it dammit. What a good tease.

    Secondly, I’m mad I didn’t get a reservation for a steam deck immediately because that thing is exactly what I wanted the switch to be. I really just wanna play my steam library on a portable without needing to be connected to the internet 100% of the time. Hope they sort out this availability issue asap.

    And lastly, I don’t know if y’all heard but I don’t know what the fuck is going on at the black panther department at marvel. They really delayed the book 3 whole months!? Between this and the long ass wait we had during covid to see the end of coates run I’m big mad. That cover they showed off showing tchalla on krakoa did have me intrigued tho. I really hope the new run is good. I haven’t forgotten John Ridley have us guerilla so I’m watching this situation closely. Ok lol, love y’all, Felix out.

  3. trojanscooter

    Speaking of Batwoman, can we please give Javicia Leslie her flowers? The character of Ryan Wilder debuted in Batgirl #50 on October 27, 2020 for the tv show. If you read the issue she’s introduced to the DC Universe as someone Barbara knows and tries to help. The showrunner, writers and Leslie took that issue and fleshed her out. Not only is Ryan an advocate of the poor and working class of Gotham, she introduced intersectionality to viewers in a succinct way. As mentioned by Shanna, Far Sector by N.K. Jemisin is really good. You should definitely read it.

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