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SMR 344: The Tomorrow War

Rod and Karen review the science fiction action movie “The Tomorrow War.”

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    So much beautiful gowns energy in this film. Nice creature design, good set-pieces & Chris Pratt being a good leading man……..and then that stupid plot fucks it allllllllllll up. I would’ve been fine if Tommorow War borrowed from the template of The “Has Fallen” series & went there, because they’re pretty simple, even if they aren’t the most polished films. The story doesn’t make any sense & there’s no time for the film to properly train these regular people into handling the threat properly. I haven’t seen combatants this unprepared since Tommy Wiseau & his cast mates in The Room.

    If you’re going to make a stay-at-home popcorn flick, stick to the basics & actually give a damn about simplifying characters & plot, so it’s not lifeless like Tommorow War’s plot. Yvonne Stravhoski & JK Simmons were fine, but again, this movie fails them, ultimately.

    And poor Betty Gilpin needed to do more than just be a caring mom. She was killing the fuck out of people in The Hunt, yet Amazon & Paramount got you outchea being a basic Linda in the kitchen. Props to Sam Richardson for not making me totally hate this experience, he tried.

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