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2375: Platinum Jubilee

Rod and Karen start off with an interview of comedian Janelle James, Coronavirus News, climate change catastrophes, Chinese millennials “lying flat”, Nina Turner’s campaign and white people news.

Janelle’s Stand Up Shows In DC

Janelle’s Stand Up Show In Philly 

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  1. EvieE

    It’s always a treat when Janelle James is on the show. I really hope she brings back You In Danger Girl because that show was so hilarious.

    The far left is losing their shit because they thought Nina Turner had this in the bag. I’ve seen a lot of white Bernie bros questioning people’s blackness for not supporting a black woman. It makes them looks really stupid considering Nina is running against a black woman. Nina is basically proving what you’ve said all along Rod, the ideas in theory are great but can they win with them? Probably not. This all or nothing mentally hurts more than helps.

  2. mizzbarnes

    I love it when you have Janelle on. She is the hardest working, flourishing performer out here and I’m here for it!

  3. Bsola

    Hi Karen and Rod,
    Another fun episode
    I was just listening to your comments on the Chrissie Tiegen debacle.

    I came across a video from a YouTuber I used to watch on the topic (now I remember why I stopped watching them). In the comments of the video commenters were basically suggesting that John Legend leave and disavow her because of this internet drama. Wow just wow.

    P.S. I have a great website I go to for white people news. That website puts out some sublime white people news and the commenters are peak white people as well sometimes lol.



  4. Anne

    Is TBGWT the best podcast ever???!!!
    Are Rod and Karen the greatest minds this country has ever seen???!!!!
    Is Sword Rachettness the podcast segment you have to listen to right now??!!!

    Yes, I think the internet tends to exaggerate even when it’s true. 😉

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