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2374: We Did It, MLB

Rod and Karen are joined by Randolph and Andy from the Three Guys On Podcast to discuss returning to stand up in the pandemic, Coronavirus News, street harassment could become crime in UK, wedding with pay tiers, Black tech support worker finds racist statues, man tries to pin murder on BLM, gun pulled over salt on fries, woman caught after commenting on her most wanted post, man tries to throw alligator on roof and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    Not only can I imagine street harassment in the UK, I’ve experienced. Most aggressive I’ve ever experienced. Ive been there twice and once me and friend were on the tube and a guy sitting across from us kept calling out to me “hey girl!” I ignored him at first but after his persistence I looked at him. Then he proceeded to say, “come home with me” he moved closer and kept asking me to go home with him. Me and my friend got off at the next stop and he followed us. I kept telling him I was married and he said “so, come home with me. He tried to grab me but my friend stood in front of him and told him to “piss off” . He eventually left but it was scary. The British accent didn’t make it any less scary unfortunately.

    If there are more guys like that over there then good for the UK enacting the street harassment law.

    That wedding gift tier sounded wild. And none of the meals sounded worth the tier they were in. They better take this damn toaster and give me a steak. The nerve.

  2. PamelaM8

    I’m listening to the show on Wednesday and I’m sure you’ll cover it, but boy, did it bring me joy to see Nancy Pelosi with the REJECTION of both Jim Banks and Jim Jordan for the January 6th insurrection committee. I think that you even said on the episode that if Jim Jordan was included then it wasn’t going to be serious. I live here in the Hoosier state (Indiana) so I have a front row seat to Jim Banks’ antics . Glad to see Nancy Pelosi acting well within her powers as the House Speaker, but then I’ve never had any doubt about her flexing when it’s required, and it’s definitely required here! Let them know who’s running this!

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