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2373: Gangsta Geese

Rod and Karen discuss no longer being a Spotify exclusive, plans for a live show coming September 23rd, Karen’s random thoughts, Coronavirus News, TX senate votes to remove civil rights lessons, Nickelodeon actress quits social media after backlash, parolee robs 3 banks in 48 hours, woman poses as teen in high school to get more IG followers, man tries to hop a ride on an airplane and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Sofa_King

    On a personal note, I am happy that you guys are no longer Spotify exclusive: I listen on my desktop, via Spotify.com, rather than the app, because I don’t like installing apps on my phone. But the website doesn’t like all the ad-blockers I have on my browser, so it would just stop playing y’all’s podcast, at random intervals, and I’d have to refresh the tab, in order to continue listening. So, for purely selfish reasons, I’m glad that’s over.

    But I’m also glad that you guys were able to have a positive experience, with your time at Spotify; I’m glad that you got a chance to see what it was like, and that you’ll never have to worry about looking back, three years from now, like, “I wonder what would have happened, if we’d signed that Spotify deal?” I’m glad that you were able to look at it as a growth experience, both personally and professionally. And I’ve very happy that, at the end of it, you guys were able to keep your IP… and the money! Congratulations on a successful run as a Spotify exclusive, and I am looking very much forward to going back to listening to the podcast, the way I used to.

    One question: do you guys intend to stick with the fan-created music for the daily segments, or will you go back to commercial music? I have loved the songs that other listeners have created for you, but I do miss some of those covers! If not for those, I never would have discovered Maiya Sykes, or Postmodern Jukebox.

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