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2385: Billionaire Rihanna

Rod and Karen discuss some random thoughts, Coronavirus News, Facebook bans people researching Facebook, CVS raising minimum wage to $15, Nina Turner loses race, LGBTQ News, McCloskeys pardoned, Black therapist detained by police, CRT school board meeting, Rhode Island BLM calls for Dem strategist resignation, Black Capitalists, groom shoots friend on wedding day, dipping sauce rage, ice cream bandit and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    Nina Turner and progressives like her are mad because they realize the Democratic Party doesn’t need them. That’s why Nina didn’t run on the things she talks about on Twitter. Deep down she knows those those white leftists have no real stakes in the game. Glad she lost.


    Hey Rod & Karen, I 1000% agree with your thoughts on Nina Turner. Especially, how leftist types operate to appease whiteness like grits without the flavor. I didn’t get a chance to follow her or Shontel Brown’s campaigns closely, since, I’m pretty busy with work, these days, but, I was able to pick up a few details here & there. Turner just seems to be here for the grift & nothing else. Always pontificating how she’s going to shake the system up, while not doing her do diligence to prevent Trump from taking office, sorta like a lot of white leftists, who take their ball & go home, because their ponies weren’t blessed with purity.

    Furthermore, like you said, Rod, & I’ve always thought this since last year, I just couldn’t put it together until then, they are a white people’s club. I’ve said my peace on the matter many times, so I’m not going to rehash it here. Thought it was cathartic commentary. Enjoy your weekends.

  3. mizzbarnes

    Congratulations to RiRi achieving the milestone of wealth!

    Shout out to the return on the Adam & Eve ads. I missed those ads 🙂

  4. Anne

    Warning: long essay comment

    Just my opinion about how billionaires are viewed in today’s society. I disagree with the idea that there is a difference between a Jeff Bezos and a Jay-Z. Both men earned their money in the beginning of their careers. Bezos started his company in his garage when no one believed in the concept of e-commerce. His success wasn’t overnight and his wealth wasn’t solely from treating workers poorly. Likewise Jay-Z had to be smart enough to make an unknown record company successful when people still thought hip hop was a fad. His success wasn’t instant either. But they’re both ambitious people who followed their intuition. Bezos only has more money than Jay-Z because he created a new way to buy different things. That was a more profitable business than selling music. Maybe with Square buying Tidal that may change. But the bottom line is that I think they’re the same as far as billionaires are concerned.

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