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2384: You Know Bitch

Rod and Karen discuss the lost tribe of integration, Coronavirus News, Election news, Amy Cooper interview, Black Women’s Equal Pay Day, racist street name changed, White People News and Sword Ratchetness.

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  1. Sofa_King

    Rod, if it makes you feel any better, I’m just as mystified by Michael Steele as you are. I mean, seriously, how many prominent Black conservatives can there be, who AREN’T coons? It can’t be more than three of them, right? Are there EVEN that many?

  2. @Negus.Nick

    (knee-gus.Nick) – LOL
    I was half way through the episode and was behind a day and almost skipped to the next episode but my spirit told me to finish this and see why the episode is named “You Know Bitch”. Completely worth it!! LOL

  3. think_p_smart

    Mike Steele was raised in DC and his sister was married to Mike Tyson. Yes, THAT Mike Tyson. Look, it’s crazy to me too! At the height of his popularity, he would catch the Metro (train), from DC to his his home in his Black assed MD suburb. My girl once ran into him on the subway platform and eased right up to him, had a convo with him and was taken aback at how cool he was. She was ready for him to be on some cookery. He is also a Kappa. So, when you see him, see him with those details tucked in the back of your mind.

    He is as conservative as any old Black uncle. He just managed to get a good government job that landed him on TV. Basically, Michael Steele was the Wayne Brady of the Republican party.

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