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2388: Coronavirus The Remix

Rod and Karen discuss Coronavirus News, average pay for workers rising, woman sues McDonald’s for making her break Lent, science teacher accused of using n-word, MLK statue vandalized, two Black people killed by White Supremacist, Black Capitalists, social media CEO pleads guilty, store clerk charge with murder for shooting robbers, man punched at gas station and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Sofa_King

    As far as Lamar Jackson, I’m in total agreement with y’all. I am so over these “Let me see what this fifth dentist talmbout” ass niggas; just say that you ain’t getting it, and go about your business.

  2. Sofa_King

    Yo, shout out to Felt Five and Infrared Krypto: that remix goes harder than a motherfucker! I wouldn’t mind seeing them collaborate on a full-length album.

  3. brijasi78

    Thank you to Felt Five for the amazing remix for the COVID News segment! I am most definitely tired of COVID and so disappointed that infections are swarming again. But, hearing his new version put a genuine smile on my face. His talent and generosity with it is appreciated!

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