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2390: Give It To Me Baby

Rod and Karen discuss virtual tickets available for the live show, Coronavirus News, toddler shoots father, Amazon sellers track down bad reviews, pole goes through car windshield, emotional intelligence, White People News, car drives over Target ball, man fights off cops, dog killed on golf course and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    I don’t condone sellers going after customers on Amazon although I understand as a seller myself. Amazon will leave reviews based on hearsay meaning you don’t even have to buy the product in order to leave a review. You can leave a review based on feelings. I don’t believe that was the case for this lady but she was wrong for saying she’d take her review down if she got a refund.
    Amazon will give you a refund for everything, even digital purchases so she didn’t even have to respond to the seller at all.

  2. greatunclebob

    Rod: People who confuse these three simple words have very low emotional intelligence…

    Karen: what’s that “n*gga I’m sorry?”

    KAREN! The way I laughed at that. It just caught me off guard. Hooomahgawd. Had to pause the show and walk around the room. Like I truly laughed out loud. Thank you Queen Karen.

  3. Blk_Caesar21

    What’s good Rod and Karen,

    I wanted to chime in on the story about the toddler who accidentally shot his dad. I only consider myself a responsible gun owner, because I’ve seen so many people do stupid things with guns in the past and I know what not to do. My mom tells a story about the time she took me to see her dopeboy boyfriend when I was a toddler. He left his loaded gun on the table and while they turned away for a split second, I grabbed the gun and pointed it at them babbling “Shoot mommy! Shoot!” Her mom instincts kicked in, although too late, and they got the gun away from me and no one was hurt. There was the time I was studying with a classmate for a leadership class while I was in the military. I went to his house and he had his loaded AR15 pistol on the coffee table while his 5 year old daughter was on the couch watching spongebob. I told him I was kinda uncomfortable with his gun laying around while his daughter was nearby. “Let’s be honest, it’s just unsafe” I said, but he just laughed it off and then he told his daughter to grab daddy’s rifle, and she did. Before I could process what was going on, he said “Baby, shoot daddy”. While she fumbled with the rifle and attempted to pull the trigger, I just froze out of fear and the amount of stupidity I was witnessing. His argument was that his kids don’t know how to use the guns he owns, therefore it’s safe. Too many stories of irresponsible gun ownership to tell, but even the responsible gun owners are human and humans make mistakes. Proper training can mitigate those risks but the dude who had his daughter tried to shoot him was technically more trained than I was at the time. Anyway, I know you don’t really fuck with guns, but there are some rational gun owners out there who just like to shoot shit and have fun. My family isn’t preparing for a race war or cosplaying COD like the dickheads at the Capitol. The difference between us and them is that we know there isn’t a NEED for a middle class black family to own the guns we have. We just own them because my wife and I grew up on 90s hip hop and action movies and we just think they’re cool. Love y’all niggas and love the show!

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