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PG 299: Fish Tacos

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss Clone Wars, Fish Tacos, What The Fries, live show ticket sales, apologizing to white people, Shiny_Flakes, Heist, Cocaine Cowboys, Pray Away, Untold Malice At The Palace, listener feedback and Pre-game news.

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  1. Bad-Biscuit

    As women it seems we are conditioned to apologize. Like Karen, my partner asked me why I apologized to a white dude who should have said, “excuse me.” I didn’t know why I was apologizing. I told myself I was being polite, but when I thought about it I realized that something else was going on. I think it may be social conditioning for women.

    Now, I have taken it a step further. I have purposely started not moving when a white man is walking towards me and one of us has to give way. It’s very subtle and it wasn’t until a girlfriend told me she was more aware of her use of space in public that I noticed how I move in public.

    Now that I don’t move automatically to make way, white men bump into me occasionally and they are always surprised. Weird right? Half the time they don’t say, “excuse me.” I used to say “excuse me” or “sorry” when I first started my experiment, but now I wait to see if a dude is polite.

    Great show per usual. Have a great weekend!

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