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BDS 409: The Kum Bucket

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Lamar Jackson, Dennis Schroder fumbles the bag, Bojangles endorsement, Kirk Cousins, Bobby Bowden dies, OJ Simpson, Olympic pay disparities, PJ Washington, HS basketball player dies in practice, Texans dealing with Watson, Alex Smith joining ESPN, Jenny Taft snaps at Skip Bayless, Baylor admits to what we knew, Brannon Nigel arrested, Dak getting an MRI, Robert Easter Jr arrested, LAPD want apology from NBA, Dinger, bald photoshopped athletes, Dragic shades Toronto, LSU vaccinated the tiger, Cam Newton nicknames, Ezekiel Elliott’s dogs in 4K, Johathan Kuminga, Ben Simmons ultimatum, paintballer kicked off team USA, Rachel Uchitel money, Kaepernick tweet gets roasted, Whitlock jacks it to Brittany Renner, Evendader Kane’s ex-wife, MLB fights, BYU players celebrate NIL, Saints fans upset about vaccination requirements, Jemele Hill, Trevor Bauer says it was photoshop, Andre Drummond saves his child and man tries to carjack and UFC fighter.


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do Rod, Karen and Jaila Ali,

    I hope all is well.

    Laila Ali did her own research and told folks she’s trusting her own immune system, diet and exercise to fight COVID! Only thing more guaranteed to let you down than you an unvaccinated immune system versus COVID are the six folks lowering your casket into a fresh grave. It’s a damn shame hearing folks say they don’t need the vaccine cuz they built different. This is especially annoying cuz combat sports feel like they have disproportionately high number of anti-vaxxers, and not the “it’s a personal decision” type folks neither.

    Dennis “Das Broke Niggens” Schroder fumbled the bag so Cleveland’s own Terry Rozier could see Schroder’s example and make the right decision by securing the fucking bag with Charlotte! 97 million of them thangs to stay in Charlotte. What do y’all think of Rozier’s signing?

    Football is around the corner and I would never have believed I could walk into a season as a Browns fan and be cautiously optimistic. All I want is to have fun watching them cuz they can’t let me down if I don’t set a win total expectation.

    Rest of the AFC North looking like hot garbage in a Florida swamp; Steelers *still* have Big Ben and likely-future Hall of Fame center Maurkice Pouncey retired. I like to believe Pouncey called it a career specifically cuz the Browns *air fried them niggas for 4 quarters*. Big Ben gonna hold the Steelers back cuz he’s old and sorry shit. Lamar Jackson is probably gonna hold the Ravens back cuz he’s gonna get COVID again and that ain’t even considering he infects his teammates and cost the whole team money.

    And then there’s Cincinnati, who this year can celebrate *30* years of not winning a playoff game. They down bad to infinity and beyond. What a blighted, emotional impoverished franchise. You hate to see it.

    Last week y’all talked about Saints fans being mad at the vaccine requirements but after that preseason game where Jameis MaGoo and Taysom Hill both turned the ball over, you think those folks are still as pressed?

    I hope y’all have a wonderful and safe weekend as always. Thanks for the dope content as always!

    – Dough

  2. fyahworks

    Good day. Rod , Karen, and JSPN!

    The great nas once had a song that goes…. “Whose world is this? The world is yours ….. it’s mine it’s mine it mine it’s mine!” And this is what Steven A must have woke up singing! There is a report that espn will be moving max kellerman to mornings with Keyshawn Johnson. And Steven A will be more of a focal point on first take! Of course Molly will still be there, but they are thinking of not bringing in another host but using a rotation of guests to debate Steven A on topics. Espn has just been trending down for various reasons of the past couple of years! I guess they wanna make him the face of the network, after all they are giving him 60 M for 5 years! While others are getting laid off or walking away! I guess that show he has on espn plus is appropriately titled…. (Steven A’s world)!

    Y’all have a great weekend

    Keep up the great work

    Fyahworks out!

  3. PamelaM8

    Hey Rod, Karen and Justin! Of course I don’t even follow or watch sports like that because “f*** sports!”, but I am looking forward to the NFL season and how Miss ‘Rona is going to be rippin’ and runnin’ through these teams and we’re going to find out if the NFL is really ’bout it. We’ll see if they keep that same energy when it comes down to the financial penalties and taking away paychecks; frankly, I hope that they do if that’s the only way it’s going to get people to act right and get the shot. It’s better than the “whatever”, “it’s all vibes” plan that they had last year.
    Also, still catching up on all the premium content since we’ve been in the house and I just finished the classic BDS episode 154 from 2016, where Justin graduated and everyone was doing shots for player’s malfeasance and Turq (sp?) had to come get him and the code wasn’t working to get into the complex, etc. Good times! Anyway, always appreciate the good content and I’m learning a lot about the sports world and all the people. Going to cop my (virtual) ticket to the live show next month and Happy Happy Birthday to you Rod in advance!

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