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2392: A Vintage Calvin Broadus

Rod and Karen are joined by DeeAsia of The Bad and Boozy Podcast to talk the Marian House 5K Race fund raiser, the mission of Marian House, changing careers, making friends through the internet, therapy, podcasting and of course wine.

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Marian House 5K Race fund raiser


  1. mizzbarnes

    Sake and eggnog….I dunno……but….just because I like y’all alot, I will give it a try…around the holidays.

    In the meantime, I loved this episode as I learned alot.

  2. Sean

    A couple of recommendations from Japan for Japanese booze:
    Karen, you would definitely love umeshu. Umeshu, or plum wine, is fruity and sweet, similar to a port. Some of it comes with plums in the bottom. They are delicious, but can get you drunk super fast.
    Rod, I’m pretty sure you would like kokuto shochu. This is a liquor made from Japanese brown sugar. It is similar to sake but sweeter. Imo shochu, made from sweet potatoes, may also be to your liking.
    DeeAsia, I would guess that you would like mugi shochu, made from wheat. It has a deep flavor but is fairly smooth and not too sweet.
    For sake I generally drink Kitashoji, it is mild and easy to drink.

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