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2393: Doing Too Much

Rod and Karen discuss Coronavirus News, Lizzo cries while addressing haters, man saves woman from flood waters, Afghanistan, Haiti facing more natural disasters, 5 year old boy shoots 3 year old girl by accident and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Mdiarra

    Hey Rod and Karen

    Like everyone says we want America to be non interventionist and not involved in world issues, but we also demand them to respond to every world crisis, and if we don’t people from every side gets mad at the administrations for it. I remember with the situation with Libya and Gaddafi how much folks were asking and questioning the Obama administration about the inhumane actions going on over there, and when he acted everybody now realizes in hindsight how badly it affected the world, and brought about the Arab Spring. Now Leftists are trying to rewrite Gaddafis history as some type of Communist benevolent ruler who got wrongly assassinated by mean old Obama for no reason other than cause he was a communist. I think folks think they have the solution and hindsights always 20/20 when it comes to shit like this so I try to spend time understanding the context of situations, I know Biden only acted in what was the best way possible with the intel given to them, and even if he knew this would be the eventual outcome I appreciate him not shying away from it. Thats what makes him a good president.

    Also something I have been thinking about lately that it seems very few people have brought up when it comes to all these big private companies pushing Vaccine mandates. I think these companies are trying to reduce their liability and risk when it comes to Covid and vaccine is clearly the best and most effective solution. And I think one of the main reasons they care about the liability is because Democrats during the first round of relief bills in 2020 under Trump REFUSED to allow Republicans to put in Liability shields for companies preventing folks for suing their asses for catching/dying from covid due to negligence by companies. Folks gave Pelosi so much shit for not caving in September and October and I can’t imagine we would see as big of a push by big private Corporations for Vaccines if they had these Liability shields in place preventing them from getting sued.

  2. C Baby

    I really feel for these kids who have to go back to school in this pandemic. I can only imagine the trauma kids may have to live with if they end the school year with fewer classmates than they start with. There may be kids who will have to live with survivors guilt behind all this. It’s so frustrating to know it didn’t have to be like this.

  3. Blk_Caesar21

    What’s good Rod and Karen,

    Chiming in again about gun culture and bummer news from this episode. I just wanted to say I agree with you about gun ownership in this country. The only way to rid America of it’s obvious gun control problem is the Europe /Asia approach of gun ownership. It’s so inconvenient to purchase a gun in these countries that you REALLY have to want a firearm to suffer through the red tape. America is the only country directly correlates gun ownership to rights and freedoms, so messing with that sends the “1776” crowd into a frenzy. The NRA and the “come and take them” types feed into this by making gun control political instead of the national health crisis it actually is…and for the people who disagree, why do some doctors ask if you have a gun in your home? There’s so many levels to the gun argument that it’s dizzying at times, (like the rise in gun ownership among black Americans since Trump was in office). I know I’m a bit of a contradiction as a veteran and gun owner who supports gun control, but my kids are grown and I have disposable income so I buy shit I don’t need like guns and safety measures for them. That’s not ideal in most gun owners homes and even if it was, ACCIDENTS WOULD STILL HAPPEN! Anyway, all gun owners are not created equal and there are a small group of us who would give up all our shit for the promise of a safer future (The number of times we’ve been banned/kicked out of 2A groups on FB is a testament lol)…unfortunately, I live an hour from Charlottesville VA, so until Joe and Kamala sign some shit and gun owners trade “muh freedums” for a safer society then gun violence and increased gun sales will be the norm. Love y’all niggas and love the show!



  4. bamil73

    Hey Karen and Rod

    You spoke about the Afghanistan situation and really reiterated why you think the US needs to leave. People online and on the media discuss the situation there in a vacuum as if what’s happening now isn’t a culmination of bad decisions for the last two decades starting with the one to attack a whole ass country to catch a terrorist group. John Kerry said something that had him vilified by both sides of the political spectrum back when he ran for president. He said that the hunt for Bin Laden should have been treated like a law enforcement operation, not a war. Also Obama’s vote against entering Iraq back in 02 earned him derision as well. Both those things lead me to the conclusion that if someone like Obama, who is professorial to a fault, had been president when 9/11 happened, the operation to find Bin Laden would have been mostly covert and behind the scenes and ended like it actually did without 2 wars. It would have been unpopular because motherfuckers of all political stripes were screaming for blood after 9/11. People like to criticize Obama because of his drone usage, but, while not ideal, it allowed him to scale back the intensity of the two wars. I think that had he been president at the time, he would have relied more on drones instead of actually invading two nations.

    A lot of people online now with all their lofty ideals and hand wringing about the humanitarian crisis left behind were also calling for Bush to “bomb Afghanistan into the Stone Age”. Make no mistake, the US is leaving it in a fucked up state, but leaving now is probably the best of a slew of bad options.


  5. Anne

    Just realized that Biden is only 8 months into his presidency. That is all.

  6. Steven_B

    Hey Rod and Karen,

    I just started listening to you earlier this year and I’m hooked! The news can be so draining yet y’all find a way to keep it lively no matter how dark it gets and I can’t understate how appreciated that is right now.

    Anyway, I wanted to give a little more context on the story of the four teachers that died in Florida last week.

    They work for Broward county schools, where the school year hasn’t begun just yet but there is a mandatory mask requirement in place for teachers and students, ( which was reaffirmed after DeSantis announced penalties).
    Broward is also the 6th largest school district in the country and located in the county that was #1 for COVID hospitalizations in the country last week. This is a school district with over 250K students and our neighbor to the south Miami-Dade is even larger…I’m not looking forward to seeing the numbers next week.

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