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2394: Slay-ving

Rod and Karen discuss Karen taking a long nap, Rod is slaying and living, Coronavirus News, flight attendants told not to use duct tape, man sinks car to fill radiator, man stunt drives rental lambo, library gives kids porn comic by mistake, typo on Lincoln Memorial, Biden admin increases food stamp benefits, Nicki Minaj and her husband accused of harassment, America getting less white, White People News, man tattoos child in McDonald’s, MTA operator let’s his date drive the train, two women claim to be dead man’s wife and sword ratchetness.

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  1. C Baby

    While it’s cool that the sword ratchetness sound effect has music now, this should have been a 5-10 second sting, imo. I know y’all like it and it’s not my podcast, but I do hope dude sends a shorter version. There are a few spots in the longer one that could have been cut out and used on its own, and did the job.

  2. hirojashibe

    We as a Society should never have allowed these Evangelical Bastards to Nope out of the Public School Systems. Allowing these Racist Ass MotherFuckers to pull their kids out of the school systems nationwide (cause you can’t have Tommy and Susan around them Niggers) in the last forty years is why we have So Many Stupid people in General in Society, but most important such a pervasive amount of Anti-Science in Society. Seriously, as someone who grew up around the Home school Private Christian Crowd, these people are just Stupid and killing people by the day. Even with a bunch of kids dying in the fall, these people will stay steadfast and not get VAX or put a mask on. So, see everyone in 2025, cause we are going to be here for a while.

    On a Positive Note. Arby’s has Nuggets now, they come in as a 9pc and are not bad.

  3. blackiceismydj

    About Garth Brooks canceling his current (stadium) tour. He performed to a 70,000+ person crowd at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City MO on August 7th. Missouri is already a state with vaccination rates below the national average and plenty of people opposed to mask mandates and antivaxx sentiments. Additionally locals are not cooperating with contact tracing efforts and and quarantine mandates if they attended. So in my opinion, I don’t think he’s doing this regarding his concern for public health.


  4. Anne

    Wes Anderson is the king of homogeneous quirkiness. Accurate. Very accurate.

  5. Anne

    So my take on why the GOP pushes no mask, no vaccine is that they are playing reverse psychology. Here’s how.
    1. They know they have access to the vaccine and can get it without anyone knowing while they act like they don’t believe in the vaccine.
    2. They know that supporters will defend them even if they get the vaccine.
    3. They know their supporters have the same access to the vaccine and can get it without anyone knowing it also. So their supporters can pretend to be fighting for freedom.
    4. They know that if the virus spreads it will hurt groups that don’t support them worse.
    5. They know that the likelihood of asymptomatic spreading will happen FROM their supporters to minority groups that don’t have easy access TO the vaccine not the other way around. 6. They’re assuming that by allowing the virus to spread it will dampen racial political shifts.
    7. Most of all they know that the desire to be contrairian can lead to some minority groups with access to the vaccine to avoid it.

    May not all be true but I like playing with conspiracy theories.

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