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PG 300: Stupidity Loves Company

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss their weeks, Justin had a Covid test, virtual ticket sales, Memories of a Murderer, some vaccine hesitant friends, Rod has a viral tweet on IG, the power goes out, Brand New Cherry Flavor, listener feedback and pre-game news.


  1. Mdiarra

    Oh also forgot to add.

    That Sha’carri situation ended up exactly how yall said. folks went hard for her, she started doing the shit people her age does based on her past history. And folks who didnt like folks big upping her started bringing out all the problematic stuff. Now she said some shit about alyson felix and everybody got think pieces about it. I wonder if folks will ever learn. Stop making folks yalls avatars for shit! Let them be them!

  2. Mdiarra

    Hello fellow Nigs,

    Boy this week has sure been a trip. Rod I know you stay watching some of the social media drama and I know you brought up a couple weeks ago about the Food Blogger “beef” happening on twitter. Did you see homegirl managed to get on a popular Podcast about Scams to talk about the other blogger!?!? And with all things like this on twitter, she ended up fucking up and now everybody went from we support her no matter what to “hold up wait a minute now”. I been had both their names muted, but the drama leaks into my timeline and im nosy to my own shortcoming.

    as Rod always says. Them agendas!

    Anyways I hope yall doing well, seems like theres been a lot of power outages in yalls area, are they doing anything to reduce that? Like is it just bad infrastructure? Do we need to get Biden on the phone to fix this too! Just playing, stay safe out here!

  3. CEPETE88

    Hey Rod, Karen and Justin. Love the show and how you all keep fresh content coming out. I don’t know if this applies to anyone else but I realized that I spend more time listening to podcasts than watching TV these days. Got a few things to say but I’ll try to keep it quick.
    I decided to give The Bad Batch a run based on Justin’s enthusiasm for what he saw and I’m glad I did. I loved the Mandalorian but I’ve never been a fan of the Star Wars movies, but I think I’m going to explore these animated shows more and give clone wars a run next.
    Your conversation about Rod’s viral tweet had me dying and sparked something I had never thought about. Can you imagine being in the bed with someone for the first time and you’re ready to get it popping?You ask them for their STI test results and they say “naw baby, I trust my immune system. I took some zinc and sea moss extract this morning.” The fuck? Please tell me niggas aren’t living like this for real.
    Also, I’m always looking forward to these marvel releases but I wanted to put you on to a lesser known marvel trailer that just dropped. I don’t know if you all are Hannibal Buress fans like me but he put out his own trailer for “Spider Man: Into The Hannibal Verse” and it bangs: https://www.instagram.com/p/CTBk-tKDcGj/?utm_medium=copy_link

    Appreciate y’all. Stay safe out here in these streets.

  4. fyahworks

    Greetings to my slay-ving all stars

    Hope the week was kind to y’all!

    Happy the walking dead is back! Loved the recap as usual! With this being the final season, and having 24 eps, you think we will get fillers episodes or will it be pedal to the metal till the end. Call me fucked up but Negan has grown on me, I love him as an actor, overall, but like he has really tried to redeem himself up to that Glen line. And the way Maggie fell from train, took me back to Glen at the dumpster, but of course we all know she not gonna die! Y’all stay up!

    Fyahworks out

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