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BDS 410: Thotty Acts

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Falcons cut players over vaccine, Max might be leaving First Take, Jay Cutler dropped by Uber Eats, Clippers / Grizzlies trade, Ochocinco shot up the club, Maria Taylor not being replaced, Terry Rozier gets paid, Nick Bosa gets the jab, Deshuan Watson news, Trevor Bauer news, Tiger broadcaster gets racist, Isiah Thomas says he could’ve stopped the Malice, Embiid contract extension, Antonio Brown gets in fight, Kap added to Madden, Devin Booker lets Kendall Jenner rock his gold medal, Ric Flair wasn’t eating on the train, Silver medal sold to raise money for baby, Hope Solo caught lying, Felipe Vazquez sentence to prison, former Clemson RB charged with sexting 16 year old, MLB umpires are racist, arena pizza, Naomi Osaka brought to tears in presser, Pop talking that shit, Travis Kelce shaved the beard off, Malik Beasley is free, Raiders don’t tip, Bryan Pata murder, Lamelo dating, PJ Washington vs Brittany Renner, Alex Brown cut from Lions, Pearl Gonzalez thirst trapping, Jae Crowder exposed in the dms, D’Angeloa Russell’s girlfriend, Tristan Thompson rumored to be sleeping with Iggy Azalea, Evander Kane steps out with mistress and Mulan Hernandez won’t get pregnant yet.


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do Rod, Karen and Jam Newton,

    Y’all think if someone printed one of the reports about how safe the vaccines are in wing dings, Cam might be convinced? Or maybe Dr. Faccui comes to talk to the team dressed in a zoot suit made from airline seat covers and a church hat, Cam might come around? Bomani Jones mentioned that Cam doesn’t take pain killers neither, so while Cam’s logic might be consistent it ain’t any less headassed. I’m really about to watch one of the my favorite football players ever lose his job to a white man built like the child of a pear and a capital “H”. Goddamnit.

    Why do y’all think journalists talking to anti vax players haven’t, even to stir some shit up, pushed back hard on football players who ain’t vaccinated? Like I just want someone to ask Dak what he thinks HIPAA stands for. Or ask Cole Beasley how does he think a vaccine works? I’d partially wanna see this to laugh but also to browbeat the fuck out these dummies to get their shots.

    In light of Sonya and Dell Curry divorcing, how long until Steph is swinging on Malik Beasley for talking about Sonya? Respectfully, of course, word to Mark Jackson.

    Shouts out to JR Smith for getting approval to play college golf at A&T! I didn’t know A&T had a golf team but I’m rooting for the Henny Gawd to prosper among the college ranks.

    Screamin A Smith wants to replace Max Kellerman with Magic Johnson? What the fuck would that even sound like?

    I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend and thanks as always for the hot fiyah shows! I copped my digital ticket for the live show and am looking forward to it!



  2. rodimusprime

    What’s up Rod, Karen and Jam Newton,

    I usually support my black QBs but got damn if these niggas not hustling backwards. Cam acting like he ain’t playing in Boston and there ain’t a white QB as his backup. Like nigga just give them reason to have you holding a clipboard. I dunno if Jameis has taken the vaccine but that crab leg still nigga out here playing like he got that Pfizer in him. Also it looks like Rachel Nichols got jumped off her own show. What’s crazy is Richard Jefferson and Perk did all that cooning just to lose they job. Also damn Sha’Carri what is you doing? She may be the 6th fastest woman in the world but got damn she the fastest women to have black Twitter turn on her. She took that L in the race and niggas wanted to act like we not supposed to joke on niggas taking Ls. The black woman TM was strong until she turned on Allyson Felix who was showing support for her. I think my said it best is she seems to be a person that has that me against the world type personality. I’m sure that helps on the track but on Twitter that can turn you into public enemy #1. But anyway love the show as always.


  3. fyahworks

    What’s up Rod, Karen , & jam Newton

    1. So after a good showing from wing dings and rookie qb Mac Jones, cam now had a COVID “misunderstanding”!!
    rumor is the pats, (probably bill bellichik) is growing frustrated with cam. Well bill just call them niggaz!!!

    2. Rachel has told us for quite some time now! The first rule of journalism, is don’t become the story! Well I don’t think she will be becoming the story anytime soon, as EsPn Has sent Rachel to the mail room and cancelled the jump! I didn’t expect the show to be cancelled but oh well! Espn continues to be a shit storm!

    3. Lastly sad to hear about Sonya and dell! I have heard so many different stories. I just wanna know is Sonya divorcing dell? Dell divorcing Sonya? Or is this a mutual annulment??

    Have a great weekend

    Fyahworks out

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