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PG 301: Empowering or Enabling?

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss dealing with Covid at the job, Rick and Morty, having plenty of work to do, that one manager still hasn’t returned, Ahsoka vs Vader, Bob Ross documentary, Ted Lasso, Candyman, that film critic who hates Black movies hates the new Candyman and listener feedback.



    I’ve been on a bit of a podcast kick as of late, as well, particularly with the many subjects discussed on Vox Conversations & Ezra Klein’s show. Obviously the ones with Adam Serwer & Trauma on their respective shows were very but there was one on Vox about the media that really put 2 & 2 together. Nikki Usher was the guess & she’s probably one of the first to break down why the media has devolved into the seething sesspool that it is today. It was fascinating, not to mention, sad, how it’s gotten this bad. It reminded me of how much of news junkie I was, not too long ago. I used to purchase newspapers from local & national everyday to dig into the stories. I even met reporters from The Miami Herald in lieu of their departure from the Biscayne area in Miami in 2013. I was a staff writer for a college newspaper for Broward College, at the time. It was a cool experience. I never became a reporter, because I really wasn’t sure of my ambitions. However, I did want to be a film critic but time & life got away from me. Not to mention, Marc Caputo, a former reporter from The Herald, basically, shat on my goals of potentially joining that field, as he invited me to lunch. Shit really hurt, but I was hiding it. Still had a great time & did make some friends there. Anyway, I thought Nikki applied an excellent description to why news applies to whites of all varies, yet rarely bats an eye at us. I can recommend a couple podcasts to you. If you’re listening to them already, that’s cool too. Work in Progresd with Sophia Bush, Inside of You w/Mike Rosenbaum (he was Lex Luthor on Smallville) & Slate’s Daily Feed.

    I ain’t got much else to add. Have a good one, y’all.

  2. PamelaM8

    Hello Karen, Rod and Justin and Happy Pumpkin Spice Season unto you all! I introduced my son to the pumpkin flavor last year and now we’re both White Women of Color TM up in here! No drinks for us, but pumpkin spice English muffins and bagels are the way we like to partake.
    Regarding “race is a social construct” I’ve had a hard time with that concept in the past too. I’ve read those books by both Adam Serwer and Ta-Nehisi Coates. But with your discussion and the recent census news about all minorities making more gains than expected it definitely clicked. Y’all were the ones who set up the one drop rule and here we are, and it’s probably too late on that to move the goalposts. But hey, it’s all a construct anyway!
    As I write this, it’s September 2nd and two terrible bills passed in TX, and I’m not feeling too much in the way of hope, it feels very much like we’re living the retrenchment that we’ve read about in the history books. Tried to tell y’all for years to no avail. Whoever wants to join the struggle now is free to do so. I know what I voted for and that’s about all I can do, other than finding joy where I can! My joy right now is listening to all of you talk, thank you for all that you do!

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