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BDS 411: Chivalry or Shivery

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Rachel Nichols and the Jump are canceled, the Curry’s getting a messy divorce, Sha’Carri acting out on social media, First Take drama, old Magic Johnson interview, former Hurricanes player has charges dropped, Ana Montana, Nerlen Noel suing Rich Paul, Brittany Renner news, Bills coronavirus protocols, LSU fan upset with vaccine mandate, KD supports Lebron, Ambar Nicole accuses Ja’Marr Chase of hitting her, Zach Wilson mom probably MAGA, fan caught cheating at game, DB transfers rather than get vaccinated, Fighting Irish is offensive, kids looking at boobs, Bruce Arians, Jermall Charlo arrested for robbery, Steelers fight, fart on Soccer show, Joy Taylor being harassed, Kirk Cousins vs disease expert, Manchester City suspends player and Deshaun Watson could be a healthy scratch all year.


  1. kalynlouis

    Hey Rod, Karen and Joy Johnson.

    Y’all niggas seen this fake school Bishop Sycamore get blown out in ESPN? I don’t know where to even start — there’s so many levels wrong with this situation. Coach Roy Johnson had a whole warrant out for his arrest in the same county he had a televised football game, they played a game a couple days prior ( an L of course) and these niggas were grown men who were JuCo drop outs. We’ve all seen this in the hood but this is when keeping it real goes way wrong. Ight, that’s all I wanted to discuss, catch y’all later!

  2. Dr_Doughstax

    What is do Rod, Karen and Bishop J Sycamore,

    Last season, during that incredible Patriots vs Seahawks game, the Pats lined up with 3 receivers to one side, motioned the runningback out the backfield and Cam plowed his way up the middle to get the first down. Y’all, I was partying off that play cuz it validated me have been wanted to Pats to sign Cam in the first place. I spent most of Cam’s career as a Panther wondering how he’d look playing somewhere with just a modicum of creativity and a speck of investment in Cam.

    Before that game, I wondered “What if Cam played for the Pats his whole career?” And after Cam got cut the other day I wondered why this nigga couldn’t just get a goddamn jab in the arm. Cam’s right, there ain’t 32 QBs better than him but there 32 vaccinated QBs and that’s the fucking point.

    Even otherwise awful people are at least saying the rights things; you can’t convince me “There Will Be Blood” ain’t Jerry Jones’ biography, but he’s on the right side of this. If you built a robot football coach, gave it a Rooba’s personality and Bender’s morality you’d get Urban Meyer, who is *also* on the right side of this.

    Speaking of dumbassery, shouts out to Bills WR Isaiah McKenzie for not being an obstinate asshole and getting his first Pfzier shot after the league fined him $14k. Fuck this “respect their choices” and “it’s a personal decision” nonsense, bullying works. Speed bagged his pockets and suddenly McKenzie saw the light and got the shot for the greater good. No, seriously, on McKenzie’s IG vaccine card selfie says “FOR THE GREATER GOOD!”

    Ohio high school football ain’t no joke, but if a fake high school made a fake football team that played a *for real* high school football team on ESPN? Goddamn, ESPN out here just looking for strays to jump in front of now? Who the hell does this? And why the hell would they do it, cuz it doesn’t sound lucrative neither?

    I hope y’all enjoy the long weekend and thanks as always for the great shows!


  3. rodimusprime

    What’s up Rod, Karen, J Woodley,

    Man Jake and Logan Paul knocking down more black men than the Khardashians. After this last fight I think it’s safe to say the Paul brothers are the next Khardashians. These niggas will never learn when it comes to fighting them. Also damn espn got caught slipping. There are so many questions about how the hell Bishop Sycamore was able to even get a broadcast game or better yet not get caught until now. I bet Dr. Umar is fuming that these niggas started a fake school before him. Maybe he would have got those donations if he had a football program. Also damn Cam. I know they are saying he wasn’t cut because he was unvaccinated but it sure does seem that way. I mean even if he wasn’t the starter this nigga can’t be 2nd string? But anyway he played himself out of job. Do you all think this is it for Cam? But anyway love the show as always.


  4. jamielscorpio

    What Rod, Karen, and J York Mets. It seems like these niggas are in the news at least once a month for some bullshit. They had a spring and summer of sexual harassment. Now they are embracing the fall by booing the fans and the front office getting DUI’s. I rarely pay attention to baseball but these headlines read like a team that is trash. Also on Cam Newton I supported the black QB for years but this One I can’t ride with. I saw Cam got cut on Tuesday. And then in my group chat niggas were trying to say Cam is still a starter and he should be on a team this season as a starter. And using that clip where he said he was a top 32 QB as evidence. I say to that Cam currently may be top 32 but he is not top 28. And also who wants an unvaccinated QB who doesn’t believe in the vaccine who can no longer throw 20 yards. Seems like an unnecessary risk to me unless he changes his mind and get that Moderna. As always peace niggas only

  5. fyahworks

    What’s up Rod, Karen, and jam Newton

    Well shit, it’s rare 2 weeks in a row I call Justin the same person but what was just a “difficult decision” to figure out who is gonna be qb 1 for the pats, went to a wing-dings getting cut! In my opinion I think bill was happy that mac Jones panned out to look like a real quarterback, cuz I don’t think he wanted cam there in the first place! Even if he kept him and started him it may have been to like week 3 or 4! And the timing is so shitty for cam that with all the moves and cuts being made, I doubt he will be on a roster before the games start!

    And then we head over to Pittsburgh, Dwayne Haskins has joined another dysfunctional team as qb3 behind the rapist (Big Ben) and the racist (mason Rudolph) man oh man that’s should be interesting.

    Lastly , Justin, Malcolm x once said the chicken are coming home to roost! How do you feel about rondo rejoining the lakers, when his ass should have never left in the first place!

    Y’all have a great holiday weekend!

    Niggaz only

    Only NIGGAZ

    Fyahworks out!

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