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2400: Looking For A Job Is A Job

Rod and Karen respond to listener feedback.

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  1. Blk_Caesar21

    What’s good Karen and Rod,

    I promise to stop writing you about guns, but I have to tell you about the hilarity and pettiness of President Biden. So recently, his cabinet placed sanctions on Russia in regards to their human rights practices and one of those sanctions is against Russian made ammunition. Russia accounts for around 40% of ammunition sold in the US. This sanction hasn’t officially gone into effect, but sellers have already doubled their prices because capitalism. I’ve seen too many post cursing out Joe Biden because Jim Bob has a closet full of guns, but can’t afford to shoot them lol. Putin will most likely tell us to kiss his ass because…he’s Putin. Joe Biden gets to back door gun control, all while making Putin the bad guy (want your cheap ammo back, then tell Putin to stop assassinating niggas). Unfortunately, everyone is blaming President Biden because to the MAGA crowd, it’s his fault for everything, but you gotta applaud the intelligence of his plan. The gun loving crowd is slowly seeing their “hobby” become increasingly more expensive. Billy Bob can’t afford to pay $15 per magazine (which you would waste just warming up at the range) and there’s so many man tears being shed…it’s kinda funny and sad. I’m definitely in the same boat of people affected by the price increase, but it ain’t that serious. My family and I have plenty other hobbies to keep us busy during the pandemic. Chris Rock called it a long time ago when he said “we don’t need gun control, we need bullet control…” Joe heard that and took it personally like MJ. Dude is playing chess not checkers and I’m here for it all lol! Love y’all and love the show!

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