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2399: Broke Phi Broke

Rod and Karen recap The Walking Dead

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  1. EvieE

    I get that Maggie is upset for what Negan has done but when she’s putting others a risk because of her feelings toward him she’s dead ass wrong. Honestly She can go because she’s been on my nerves since before Glenn died. Remember how her and Glenn would be endangering the rest of the group because they would be going off on their own? She’s competent when her head is on the game but when it isn’t she fucks up massively. I feel about Maggie like you feel about Arby’s , it may not be fair but I said what I said.

  2. C0c0@C0l@

    Hey Rod & Karen Love Love LOOOOOOOOOOVE that you’re back recapping TWD. I still watch and appreciate your hilarious and unique recaps. Can’t wait til next week.

    I swear every time it’s a tense scene with Negan all I can hear is the person calling him “Nigga” instead of Negan and it cracks me up every time. Especially that scene when Maggie confirmed she was planning to off him.

    So glad you didn’t decide to stop podcasting this and left it on the free show for us that are part of Broke Phi Broke lol. Catch you on the next podcast and much love.

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