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2410: Law And Order Under The CSI

Rod and Karen discuss being imperfect healers, Coronavirus News, Dylan Roof appeal, The Activist TV show, LAPD wants social media info, Amazon fires Black employee who was called N-word, South African rope ties, lobster thief, Amazon driver steals truck, arsonist steals beer and sword ratchetness.

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  1. rodimusprime

    Hello you guys,

    Just caught up on almost all the episodes since about the middle of the year. Took a break from all the podcast. I have a lot of to catch up on lol.
    I work in Healthcare and your takes on covid have been spot on! We had about 10 people leave our job just in the past few weeks cause of the vacinne mandate. 2 came back cause they could not find anything else that didn’t require the vacinne. Im not sure where the rest of the idiots think they are going to find a job. Cause even these warehouses are requiring vacinnes. Its been exhausting listening to these patients and coworkers talk about this vacinne. Bush truly left a lot of folks behind lol. But im trying to leave patient oriented Healthcare and move into manufacturing (medicine, labwork, kits for surgery etc) cause I truly cannot take it anymore. The patients arent making it easier and we are sort staffed. We see about 80 people or more a day. It took its toll and im done!! This pandemic proofed to me what i already knew about this field and the general population. And dont even get me started about these celebs. Whew chile!

    Ive been offered a night job in manufacturing. It Pays me more and its a leadership role. Very excited to start Lol but i accidentally sent the wrong texts to my boss and not to my coworker.. So im truly finished at this job.. Lol i needed a kick in the pants to leave.

    Thank yall for speaking about this pandemic. Even though i know you are tired of talking about it..

    Keep up the great work,

    Anne (not my real name but the boss might listen to your pod )

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