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2411: The Minaj Vaccine Research Institute

Rod and Karen discuss Coronavirus News and White People News.

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  1. mizzbarnes

    I need to venture here for a second and ask the question……did Nicki stop to hear herself say that story? Because, on paper, her story sounds fucking ridiculous.

  2. EvieE

    I’d like to say that I’m disappointed in Nicki Minaj but I can’t really because this is something she has always been, a bully and a liar.
    There are plenty of celebrities with out of pocket fandoms but the barbs are by far the worst because she literally sics them on people. They’ve doxxed people and harassed them irl.
    She has a history of doing dirt and then denying she did. And when she’s confronted on it she wants to play innocent. She is the epitome of a keyboard warrior because when Cardi was ready to throw hands she was hiding behind her bodyguards.
    So it comes as no surprise that’s she’s been trending all week because of the dumb shit she posted.
    She clearly stated that she wanted to do more research and then tweeted that ridiculous story about her cousin’s friend.
    Whether she was serious or meant that as a joke there has been too much misinformation to casually tweet about something like that, especially with how large her platform is.
    It was only when people started to come for her did she start tweeting that she’d probably get the vaccine which was a huge backpedal. Joy Reid pointed out that irresponsibility and Nicki called her Aunt Thomasina but Nicki was the one who was literally retweeting actual white supremists. And then she makes up a weird lie about being invited to the White House when she was only offered a phone call.
    Her wild behavior continued when she doxxed a journalist and to top it all off she wasted the time of the health ministry in Trinidad because of that stupid tweet.
    Some people say she was using this as a distraction tactic to deflect from the fact that her sex offender husband and her are being sued but I just think that’s who she is.
    She’s the nugget in the toilet that just won’t flush.

  3. GreenEyedBandit

    As an employee at *redacted* Airline, it’s been… entertaining to say the least, watching people say with their whole chest that they’d rather quit then get vaccinated. Once it became clear people might really get walked down the Green Mile for not getting the ccine, there’s been a mad scramble for appointments. The same people that were the loudest with misinformation about the vaccine are now hoping they can sneak in that J&J before the deadline. I believe the deadline was extended recently but we shall see.

  4. think_p_smart

    It’s great that companies are requiring vaccines. But dear Baby Jesus in a Graco high chair, please don’t let them be using just the honor system to prove vaccination! I hope a third party is checking names and vaccination proof against a state run database. (Some states have MyIR.net via their Dept of Health but I’m not sure if folks outside of health care and the actual patient can tap into it.)

    Also, am I tripping? Couldn’t an employee already use their sick days for Covid? So unless the airline in the article (or any company), is giving out MORE days because someone has Covid, what does covering Covid really do for an employee? I’d want to clarify with my employer if sick leave covering Covid goes ABOVE any beyond the already allotted sick days. If I still have those same ten sick days and used them all for Covid, I have zero sick days for the flu. Not exactly a win for me, the employee.

    If the mandate passes that companies with more than 100 employees have to require Covid vaccinations, at best, the government can monitor it at a rate similar to what they do with other regulations—based on complaints (EEOC and OSHA) or spot checks (like OFCCP audits of a few select businesses each year). This is concerning because I can already see how there will be some liars bringing Covid in, sitting maskless eating in office kitchens spreading Covid, then dying and the office finding out they lied about being vaccinated.

    I should try to get a government contract to do compliance monitoring. Anyone want to come work for me?

    • GreenEyedBandit

      Where I work, it goes beyond the honor system to prove vaccination. I was required to access a website, input the when and where of my vaccination and upload a photo of my vaccination card. No idea if the company verifies the information though.

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