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PG 304: Food App Mishaps

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss working overtime, vaccine mandates at companies, Joy Reid vs Nicki Minaj, live show tickets, antivax people dying on social media, Apple TV shows, food apps mishaps, cooking in more, The Reagans, Boyfriend Dungeon, listener feedback and local news.


  1. fyahworks

    Happy fall aka pumpkin spice season
    Rod,Karen, and Justin!

    Fall means so many things but mostly tv shows are coming back. Idk if you guys watching wu tang on Hulu but it’s pretty good, it’s about 6 eps in. When season 2 started, they dropped 3 eps one time and then one by one each Wednesday.

    Also have you guys seen or heard about rolling stone (the magazine) top 500 greatest songs ever made?? I’m never a fan of these lists because they are always based on personal opinion, with a twist of bias! When coming across these lists, whether it’s music, sports, etc, do you guys go through The whole thing to build anticipation to number 1? Or just jump straight to number one then see where everything /everyone else was placed!? I personally , if it’s like a top 20, I go straight to the top 5 then work my way back!

    Have a great weekend
    Fyahworks out

  2. LaLaJen

    Hey PG crew. I haven’t commented in forever but I’ve been listening non-stop. Just writing to say happy you all love Ted Lasso. I agree w/ Rod’s assessment from last week. It’s not always happy, it’s just good af. I would also recommend watching Octavia Spencer’s truth be told – a good crime/thriller show. See – for the action, but it starts slow. And lastly Mystic Quest. It’s hilarious. But start w/ Morning Show, them white women be acting!!

  3. rodimusprime

    Ok Karen DAMN!!!!

    I just got off my premenopausal ass and scheduled my mammogram

    (Thanks BTW- for real ❤️)


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