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BDS 414: Step Daddy Season

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss KAT has Jordyn’s back, Tyler Herro causes woman to crash her car, Kwame Brown is upset about Westbrook in a dress, NFL ratings up, NBA won’t mandate vaccines for players, Junior Galette, Kyle Turley defends Clinton Portis, Kendra Lust posts butt pic to celebrate NFL return, Panthers mixed reality video, Texans reject offer for Watson, Brittany has Pat’s back, Falcons fan lights up, Cedric Ceballos off ventilator but still in ICU, RG3 says he was bullied for not being Black enough, Dana White upset with media calling out fighter’s low pay, These Niggas Fighting, Brittany Renner, Raiders fans protest mask mandates, Packers fans want Aaron Rodgers to break up with his fiancee, Conor McGregor wants to fight MGK, Eli Manning talking shit to Peyton, Frank Caliendo, Navy Coach fired for not getting shot, Bills fans angry about vaccine mandate, Nick Young advice, Calvin Johnson vs the Lions, Kyrie causing confusion, Zlatan still talking about Lebron, Kenny Mayne speaks out on ESPN, college coach will buy bear for fans, maggots in ketchup, assistant coach let go for not being vaccinated, Stephen A on athletes not getting vaccinated, Bucks make history, NFLPA reinstates Josh Gordon and The Larry Johnson Hotep Corner.




    Hey Rod, Karen & Jatie Nolan

    Figured it’s a good time to talk about this crazy ass F1 race in Sochi, Russia. Have y’all ever been so desperate to win something in your lives, like try your damnest to get your first win at something? That’s what happened to one Lando Norris, who had one of the best cars, this past Sunday. Dude tried to hold off the field &, get this, the rain, which came inside 8 to go. Lewis Hamilton was not only trying to stay in championship contention, but to get his 100th win in series history. In F1, you have a choice of tire that’s of different compounds: You have a soft or hard tire. Softs are tires that grip immediately after a pit stop or hard tires that last much longer into a run vs soft, which have a massive fall off vs hard tires. There’s also an option for a third tire for rain, which is great in the elements.

    As the laps were closing Lando stayed out on slicks in the weather, which he disobeyed a team order, while Hamilton (buddy nearly did the same thing as Lando but listened) pitted for rain tires & passed him for the lead as Lando lost control & the lead & THEN, eventually pitted for those rain tires just to finish 7th. Shit was superwild.

    Speaking of superwild, these hotep-ass niggas in the NBA being stupid over the shot. Granted, most of them got the shot (90% of the league got the shot), but their conspiracies got them looking stupid in the light. Big shoutouts to the good folks at Meadowlark media, especially Howard Bryant, for cutting through what this shit is, which is some libertarian, individual bullshit for niggas. At first, I didn’t think money played much a role, but it does; so does privilege, as well. Andrew Wiggins & Kyrie Irving, for instance, are still flat-out stupid on this matter, even with all that money. But hey, Kyrie, meme away for the luls, dawg. Ugh, fuck outta here.

    The same conservatives you shunned when it was BLM, Kaepernick blackness & living your truth, are pulling y’alls strings like Ultron fucking up The Watcher in What if. Never become a useful idiot, you end up looking worse than the main threat. Peace, y’all.

  2. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do Rod, Karen and Jandrew Wiggins,

    I hope all is well.

    First off, I rebuke the notion of me staying silent in light of the Browns losing to Kansas City! How dare thee! I watched the Browns lose after playing 4 great quarters of football against a team that realistically can aim for going to a Super Bowl; goddamn right I counted that as a moral victory. Last time the Browns opened their season against Kansas City in 2002, they lost cuz Dwayne fucking Rudd threw his helmet in the air, got a penalty and KC kicked a game winning field. Plus, the Browns deep fried the Texans (trash) and the Bears (most trash offensive line I’ve ever seen) and are 2-1 right now. And we about to 3-1 cuz we’re playing the Vikings and Kirk Cousins perennial pack of ass self is still there!

    Also, this past week was the second time in a row y’all had a live show *and* the Browns won. I ain’t saying the two are correlated but I also ain’t saying they’re not.

    Have y’all ever celebrated the downfall of an athlete you couldn’t stand? Cuz Big Ben right now looks like a air fryer packed with garbage: he’s cooked *and* he stinks. And even if that jokes didn’t land, it had a better chance of landing than any of Ben’s passes this season. It’s even better cuz nobody like Big Ben; Giants fans adore Eli Manning cuz he won 2 Super Bowls. Big Ben has the extra strength audacity to complain the Steelers would dare think of replacing him. The Browns are winning while the Steelers are as down bad as ever.

    Also, somebody in my fantasy got Josh Gordon before I could, but I am working on a trade package to get my mans back home on my fantasy roster. JOSH GORDON BACK LIKE COOKED CRACK Y’ALL!

    The NLRB said that private college athletes should have the right to file labor complains and hold union votes. Oh, *and* the NLRB basically said that calling athletes “student athletes” was a dodge to avoid treating them like actual employees and will sue if a school does this. The NLRB basically said the NCAA’s business model is as raggedy as the gig economy. Also, shouts out to Dabo Sweeny, who lied in front of God and the world about retiring if players got paid. Clemson out here getting cooked like well done steaks. Y’all think Dabo gonna repent?

    The only reason the shit with Wiggins is surprising to me is cuz he doesn’t otherwise say much of anything. Kyrie being on this shit ain’t surprising cuz he thinks the Earth is flat; I know the shit is funny on face value, but Kyrie talking about that gives off “SEE SEE SEE SEE” (in a Randolph Terrance hotepression voice) energy.

    I hope y’all have a wonderful and safe weekend. Thanks as always for the dope content *and* for taking care of y’allselves and taking days off.



  3. DrUzo82

    Greetings Rod, Karen, and Jyrie Irving,

    If the NBA media day has taught us anything, it’s that Kyrie Irving is a man in search of a cause. Sometimes it’s admirable like getting clean drinking water for communities in need of it. Other times it’s hilarious, like being a flat earther. Now Kyrie is the captain of the pro-Covid all stars (I’m tired of calling these folks anti-vax)! With the NBA now reporting a 90% vaccination rate amongst players, the attention being paid to those who won’t get vaccinated is kinda weird to me. Giving oxygen to the nonsense opinions of Kyrie, Andrew Wiggins, Brad Beal, and Jonathan “a knee was taken” Isaacs seems like such a foolish exercise for content. But at least we’ve given Captain Kyrie (via the words of his Aunt) another chance to pretend he knows something that the rest of us don’t.
    I really feel bad for their teammates. While we get to make jokes and rightfully ridicule team pro-Covid, guys like KD, Steph, that one dude on who’s still on the wizards, and (insert Magic player here) get to try to convince these fools to get vaccinated without alienating them. As much as I am looking forward to the upcoming season, I am not interested in the pro-Covid all stars trying to be martyrs for maybe missing checks all because they are scared of needles or COVID has somehow effected their cognition.

    As always… Love the show, stay blessed!

    Dr. Uzo

    PS – I LOVED the live show. Looking forward to the next one!

  4. rodimusprime

    Whats up Rod, Karen and Jez Bryant,

    Well damn the dumb nigga just damn near jumped out of a few people this week. It was a bad week for sports. So bad I almost had to apologize to Laura Graham because all I wanted was these fools to shut up and dribble. First Dez talks shit about Kap by saying that he didn’t help niggas get jobs. One Kap didn’t even protest about niggas having jobs his protest was about police reform. Second Dez talk a lot of shit for it I remember correctly he wasn’t exactly a supporter of taking a knee. Then when Jemele checked him he went on the tired “how you gonna check me on the media but call me?” Like nigga you just did the same to Kap. Just loud and stupid. Then Kyrie out here doubting science again. Kyrie going to Kyrie. I think that free thinker shit is wack and niggas give too much credence to it. I know Isaac and Wiggins are also on that kick. I hate that they did that bullshit stating that it’s their opinion right or wrong and we should respect that. Which was the sentiment that Lebron had. Even though he is vaccinated, I do think him being on the fence was wack and made me say for the first time, “Michael Jordan would never”. I think Lebron always puts himself as the leader and for him to ride the fence was very weak in my opinion. But love the show as always,


    Also I wanted to congratulate you all on the live show. If you all decide to sell the recording of it. I would gladly cop it. I wasn’t able to attend the zoom because we just moved and niggas pockets been light. You don’t have to read this part tho.

  5. jamielscorpio

    What up Rod, Karen, and J. Gordon. It’s good to see him getting another chance. Hopefully this time he is able to stay clean. Although I’ll be rooting for him I’ll be damned if I fall for the trick again and pick him up on my fantasy team cause you only have to hit me once. I felt for y’all when I saw that Wiggins press conference on Monday. I know y’all have been rooting for him all these years only for him to be one of these I’m doing my own research niggas. Watching the press conferences and how players all said the same thing about it being a personal choice and not willing to speak out against there anti vax colleagues it gave me blue code of silence vibes. Also did have y’all had the chance to watch the Ali documentary by Ken Burns? I thought it was pretty good, and revealed some things about him that hasn’t been discussed in other Ali docs. As always peace.

  6. fyahworks

    Welcome back Rod,Karen, and Jareem Abdul jabaar.

    So the COVID talks in the nba are heating up! About who is and who ain’t! Kyrie, and most notably Andrew Wiggins are trying to use the religious exemption to not get the vaccine! Now both these men claim Muslim faith. But the big dog, Kareem, who is also Muslim and vaccinated is calling bs, he says he believe they should be kicked off teams if the refuse the vaccine. As of now the nba says you don’t play you don’t get paid and you can’t play in certain markets including home. In Wiggins case, he would be able to play any home games nor be able to practice with the team. I personally, am not a big religious person but I don’t like when people lean on religion as a loop hole when it’s convenient for them! I’m glad Kareem spoke up! And hopefully these guy with smarten up and do the right thing. The streets are saying kd can convince Kyrie to change his mind but time will tell, season starts Oct 19!

    Das niggens has come out and said he never saw no contract offer from la! And everyone is calling “cap” on him because when he was the laughing stock he never said this then but it really don’t matter at this point! That money gone and it allowed the lakers to be the lakers right now as constructed.

    Lastly la’el Collins of them cowboys caught 5 games off for bribing a drug test collector… cue up the Ray Lewis drop…..

    Love the shows as always


    Fyahworks out

  7. rodimusprime

    What up niggas! I was just checking out Bo’s show and at the end they mentioned that with this being the NBA’s 75th anniversary they’ll be putting out their list of the 75 greatest players ever. I’m sure you remember back in 97 they did the Top 50. Well now they’re gonna be adding on to that list. I’m not asking y’all to come up with a list of 25 players, but who are some of the people y’all think are locks to make it? I’ve got a few in mind, let’s see how many more you guys can add on to that. The locks that come to my mind off the top are:

    D. Wade

    L Brothers

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