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2414: Hotep In The Wild

Rod and Karen respond to listener feedback.

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  1. rodimusprime

    I’m going to try to leave a message on your website regarding this episode. I swear I turned 40 and suddenly got old and don’t know how to use technology and emailing is easier lol . Anyways I had to pause the episode and email you.

    You’re discussing listener feedback regarding a company who has the employees to upload a photo of the vaccine card and attest that the information is true by inputting the vaccine info into a database. We have been having escalating issues on my neighborhood Facebook page. One of our neighbors who son works at Disney, was asking for a doctor who would fill out the vaccine card, but instead of giving his son the vaccine, would waste the syringe in the garbage. When myself and many other neighbors told him this is illegal and a federal offense, somehow he made it into us not agreeing with his sons right to refuse a vaccine. We tried explaining how this wasn’t about refusing a vaccine but him asking a physician to do something illegal and risk his license. Another neighbor who is a doctor and also Asian, they talked so bad and harassed him when he explained and tried to dispel the misinformation.

    The fact that the group moderator is a police officer who they said they would invite over or tacos to discuss and make sure he didn’t take down the post, was the cherry on top. It was a whole fiasco. Another neighbor pointed out since they like to say “my body my choice”, perhaps we can discuss Texas abortion laws since we are now all on the same page lmao. The post was immediately deleted at that point lol. The original poster ended up making post stating he was just a concerned dad looking out for his son. I wanted to post, so you should also understand about Black Lives Matter and kapernick protesting but I decided against it. It’s interesting the amount of just follow thr law and listen to the president, when it’s something they agree with. But You go against their “constitutional rights” and it’s hell to pay. Forget other black and brown people who have had their constitutional rights stomped on for centuries. It’s revisionist history at that point. Lol Anyways this is long enough. I swear this virus is all about natural selection at this point.

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