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2413: Reaper Human Resources Department

Rod and Karen recap The Walking Dead.

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  1. mizzbarnes

    OMG – I realized something!!!

    So when our people encountered The impossible white insurrectionist, he told Maggie that Pope had her marked.

    So, yup, she did some dumb shit with the wrong crew and that crew was like, ‘you fittin’ to catch these consequences’!

    Thank you Rod and Karen for the brilliant analysis as always because you were right again….(cue the music)…this group moved different than other groups. They only moved different because Maggie poked the hornets nest…..smdh.

  2. EvieE

    It makes so much sense that Maggie’s group fucked around and found out with the reapers. Maggie has become a huge piece of garbage especially if this theory is right and she risked the Alexandrians knowing these commandos were on the loose. I hate her more than I hated Henry.

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