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2416: Maskers

Rod and Karen are joined by Justin to discuss Coronavirus News, MN voting on defunding the police, 911 putting people on hold in TL, TikTok influence snitching, The Activists no longer a reality show, Philly PD paying 2 million to Black woman, Rose McGowen endorses Larry Elder, NC Voter ID struck down, soldier dosed her squadmates, woman pretends to be mother to get GoFundMe money, woman pulls knife after farting and sword ratchetness.

Rod  and Karen are joined by author Bassey Ikpi to discuss her son’s soccer  team, Coronavirus News, Karen Civil being exposed on Clubhouse, TikTok  debuts mental health help.

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  1. Keith

    This snitching to the IRS thing reminds me of a conversation from last summer – one of my homeboys from the military wanted to have a guys’ night where we smoked cigars and drank a little (we were appropriately masked up and socially distanced, of course – his wife is a doctor and she’d kill us) and he introduced one of his friends as “a high school classmate who went to law school.” I thought to myself “oh he’s a lawyer, I’ve got several of those in my social circle” and carried on. At one point in the conversation he said something about presiding over a case and I was like “wait you’re a whole federal judge?!” and you could tell he’d been trying to be modest, because he was like “yeah, I’m just a tax judge though, nothing special.” Later in the conversation he mentioned how the law says the IRS gives you a 30% cut of what someone owes if you report them for cheating on their taxes. One of the other guys jumps up and says “ooooh Your Honor I can tell you someone right now who definitely ain’t paying taxes. Donald Trump! I’ll take my millions right now, thanks!” (oh, plot twist – he’d only been seated since like 2017 so it doesn’t take much guesswork to figure out who appointed him.) He took it in stride though, he said “hey, if you have actual evidence I’ll show you where to go”

  2. brooklynshoebabe

    Stupid question about Rose McGowan. If you believe that sexism is prevelent and systematic in Hollywood and that society helps protect sexual predators, why is it so hard to believe that racism operates the same way?

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