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LSG 46: The Accidental Spicy Ramen Challenge

Karen and Rod give you the latest and greatest food talk to get your lips smacking. In Spicy News we discuss Pumpkin Spice Noodles, Thigh Stop, Mimosas at IHOP, Taco Bell recycling, Taco Bell monthly subscriptions, Bojangles gives workers 2 days off without pay, Burger King removing artificial ingredients, Cheesecake Factory loyalty program, Wendy’s opening kitchens, Pumpkin Spice Blizzard, Pumpkin Spice beer, what states love Pumpkin Spice, KFC Hotel and KFC hackers going to jail. Our Meals of the week are about take out breakfast spots. Cook Dat Nigga has Rod talking about a couple of dishes with opposite results. A Tuna Fish Sandwich and some Mushroom Rice Stew.

Spicy Tuna Melt Recipe

Thank you so much for your feedback. We’ll be back with another helping soon!

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  1. PamelaM8

    Follow up to my ThighStop/DoorDash story. Didn’t mention it earlier, but the WingStop locations in my town were identified as Black owned franchises (identified last year when it was all going down), so that’s another reason why I wanted to hit them up. I had some work done on my car this week so I had another opportunity to visit. This time the only people in the restaurant were I assume the franchisees; three brothers in WingStop gear looking through their laptops and going over paperwork. Since this was only my second time there, the girl taking my order helped me come up with the lowest cost/combination of how I could get ten chicken tenders. After they got started on my order, one of the brothers got up and came over to the counter to make sure that I’d been helped and ensured me that they drop all of their orders fresh and if it takes a little extra time, that’s why. Delicious! Finally, I was compelled by a commercial to check out KFC’s Classic Chicken Sandwich and it’s really good! Fresh hot crispy and juicy, everything balanced with the mayo and the pickles and good for people who may like things a little milder. Wouldn’t go there for anything else, but if you have one in your vicinity that’s safe to go to, it’s worth a shot.

  2. PamelaM8

    Hello Karen and Rod! Thank you on reporting on the things I want to hear about, besides all of your other great content! ThighStop! I’ve got a story for you. I live in a big small town (pop. 350K) so I’m able to drive to most places for carryout, don’t need to use DoorDash and don’t want to pay the extra fees associated with it. I’ve never had WingStop before, knew that they had recently started selling thighs and wanted to try it out. I had trouble placing the order for the thighs online; I did not know or did not remember that if you want thighs the order has to be placed through DoorDash. Anyway went inside, there was a family of four sitting there eating, two DoorDash delivery people waiting and two employees in the kitchen working fervently. I waited for someone to come up to the counter and said I was having trouble placing the order online and I wanted some thighs. She said, “but you will need to place the order through DoorDash”. I said ” okay, but you do have the thighs there in the kitchen, right?” Just a question to me, but I’ve been told I can frighten people (you know why). Nope, have to order through DoorDash. So I backed away, said thank you, it’s okay, I’m going to try to order through DoorDash another time and she said “thank you for understanding, you don’t know how much I appreciate that!” Clearly other customers have been making the choice to go off on her when presented with the same information. In any case, placed an order the following week, the thighs were tasty, their french fries were delicious and their rolls were soft and buttery! Can’t wait for your next episode!

  3. meikomh

    Hey y’all- I just wanted to comment on that spicy ramen you had. They actually sell just the Buldak Hot Chicken Flavored Sauce at the Asian grocery store, too. I have the Hot but they have one or two levels above that. It tastes like the chicken ramen packet but super hot-I love it! My daughter always puts a little too much on her ramen and suffers through it. Anyway, great episode!

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