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Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, NBA vaccine hesitancy, Sage Steele gets vaxxed, Dez Bryant talks on Kap, US Soccer finally paying men and women the same, Gabrielle Union on surrogacy, AD gets married, La’el Collins suspended, Ben Simmons might sit out season, FSU fan tells women to not sleep with players, Atlanta Falcons cut punter, proposal fail, Warrior fined for NOT tampering, K’Vaughan Pope suspended, Jackson Mahomes wilding, Deshaun Watson GF video, Jon Jones arrested AGAIN, MJ’s son arrested, racist hockey player, Simon Biles reflect on Olympics, Rachel Bush was in the game despite vaccine mandate, Richard Sherman going to Bucs, Jay Williams off of NBA at ESPN, OR coach accused of racism, Eagles want Deshaun Watson, First Take ratings down, Stefon Diggs being messy, Super Bowl halftime show and These Niggas Fighting!


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do Rod, Karen and Jurban Meyer,

    I hope all is well.

    It really is wild to me that for the longer than a roll of toilet tissue things of actual awful things Urban Meyer has done, going to his own restaurant in Columbus and trying to get on these hos is what the most folks have come down on him for. I learned *just yesterday* from my dude DeQuan that Urban Meyer invited Larry fucking Elder to speak to the football team in 2017 and Elder specifically said he got the invitation cuz his soft shoeing ass doesn’t believe racism is a major issue in this country. Also, NFL head coaches not flying back with the team is unheard of, so that means Urban is now a pioneer in being a shitty coach! Maybe if he could hold a mic and face his team laughing at him, Meyer could be a comedian. Right now they only laugh at him after he apologizes to them for being a distraction cuz he was caught at his own Columbus, OH restaurant trying to get with a woman that ain’t his wife.

    Jags gonna go unwindefeated at this rate. I’d say the Jags could get better but they’re the team so bad that folks keep talking about them getting banished to fucking London.

    My Browns OUTCHEA at 3-1! Even if beating the Vikings looked like the most frustrating goddamn game possible. It’s never a good thing to look up and see your team scored 11 points in a football game, but a win is a win.

    Browns, the Bengals and Baltimore Nigga Birds are all tied for first in the AFC North at 3-1. Big Ben at this point looks like regular bad built man playing football against actual pro athletes and the Steelers 1-3 record reflects. Couldn’t imagine my Browns having more than 1 loss right now but that’s a sad reality for some folks. Special shouts out to the Big Ben capes on Twitter who get real sarcastic when Ben completes *a single* long pass only to then ignore the ensuing overthrown/underthrow passes and Big Ben’s signature dumpoff ambulance balls. I’m keeping his raggedy ass in a pack all season long.

    I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend and thanks for the hot fiyah content as always!




    What’s good, Rod, Karen & Jage Steele.

    Sigh, here go this self-hating, “I’m not like them negros”, piece of shit jigging for white folks again. Sage Steele, simply put, hates herself & uses President Obama & her struggles on her blackness as a way to project. Basically, there should be a “this anti-black bitch” hotline for her, for how often she does it. I honestly don’t have much else to say, besides, that bitch likes to coon harder than Stephen coons for Calvin Candy in Django Unchained.

    Anywaaaaay, congrats to Bubba Wallace on winning at Talladega & becoming the first black person to win at the Cup level since Windell Scott in 1963. To be completely honest, I haven’t even had a chance to watch the race, because it was rained out on Sunday, then, the race was on Monday, so I couldn’t watch it, because of work. Hope he gets many more victories & I think with the edition of Kurt Busch coming to the team in a 2nd car could pay dividends.

    Big congrats to Bomani Jones on getting that weekly show deal with HBO & good to know he’s staying put at ESPN. Take it easy, y’all.


      Forgot to clarify on Kurt Busch, he’s coming to Bubba’s race team in a second car in 2022.

  3. fyahworks

    It’s my favorite time of the week!!!

    Howdy Rod, Karen, and JFL fan

    Last week the Super Bowl performance was revealed (dr. Dre &friends) and here came those whites with the Oakley shades on Twitter: “hey nfl, you guys just lost a fan” but these must be the same “fans” that left after all the knees were taken. Even without Justin, word is the nfl viewership is up 17% this season. The math ain’t mathing.

    So urban Meyer is 0-4 in the nfl this season but not in the bars & clubs! Urban was getting his freak on i instead of going through that playbook, as his team still seeks their first win!! Shout outs to the players & owner q holding him accountable for his actions and his coaching so far! But the naive rookie qb, Trevor Lawrence says he has his coaches back! Maybe this scandal will light a fire in the team but I doubt it!

    Lastly, there’s talks of Benjamin Simmons possibly going to Indiana! Just wanted you guys thoughts on that move??

    Love the dope shows

    Until next time

    Fyahworks out

  4. rodimusprime

    Hey its Shay. How are you Rod, Karen and Justin.

    I’m writing in to talk about the WNBA. I know y’all dont follow like that but stay with me here. Ok so Recently an Atlanta Dream player named Courtney Williams and her Girlfriend Tay ( a youtuber/Instagram model ) posted a long 45min YouTube video Titled “What really happened with the Brawl”. In this video they proceed to give a play by play backstory of a fight they and a few other Dream players were involved in. Not sure when this fight was because they don’t give a date. Court, Tay the other players including Crystal Bradford, and the other players girlfriends were at a nightclub in Atlanta and were confronted by some women outside the club about the players being able to enter the club before everyone else. An argument broke out and then it turned into an all out brawl. Punches, kicks, wigs flying all that! Eventually that same day the youtube video gets deleted and Courtney Williams writes a an apology for the fight and the video.

    Fast forward to yesterday the real backslash and the part Im not sure I agree with. Renee Montgomery announces during halftime of the wnba finals that Courtney Williams and Crystal Bradford have been removed from the Dream and won’t be returning to the team next season. I personally think thats some bullshit. A suspension, yes. Maybe some community service or a fine. But to just be fired from the team like that over a fight that didn’t even involve the police. It just seems real extreme to me. The dream have been thru a lot as a team and I think they’re using these players as a scapegoat. I don’t know. Attached is the video. What yall think?


  5. rodimusprime

    Hey Rod, Justin and Karen

    Looks like Maple Syrup Wiggins got the jab because it would cost him 9 million dollars if he didn’t and then had the nerve to get sassy with reporters when they asked how he would make that money up if he didn’t get the jab Golden State Warriors’ Andrew Wiggins finally gets vaccinated (deadspin.com)

    For the Jaguars the “promised one” looks pretty bad and The Patriots were right that Mac Jones was their QB they worked out Lawrence and were actually gonna trade up and give away a bunch to get him thinking he was the next Brady but ultimately said he struggled with the deep ball and did not trade up. SMH that boy Trevor Lawrence is on pace to throw more picks than Jameis in one season .

    Speaking of Jamies my Saints look good on paper but the got a 2-2 record. I don’t understand what is going on over there we lost to the Panthers and the Giants those were winnable games for us…. Jameis is lookin really Teddy Bridgewater-ish (pre Broncos) I can’t expect everything to happen overnight but dammit we look like were going go 9-8 and miss the playoffs.

    Last thing the Timberwolves are a mess between the new owners beefing with the old one and the GM getting fired for inappropriate conduct with a staff member and basically doing EXACTLY what Jimmy Butler did to cause the team moral issues is crazy. The rumor is Gersson Rosas (the former GM) told Jimmy to “prove this was his team and to assert his value to the team” to get his Max contract from the wolves and that is when he caused that scene at practice. They fired Gersson Rosas after his cheating became too public. He lives in his apt downtown and everyone sees him on a regular basis without his wife but if you google him his family stays in the suburbs and they got tons of pictures of him and his family. She of course filed for divorce. It’s wild and I guess they didn’t tell KAT anything about him getting let go when I guess he was in the gym with the guys that same day. They keep changing the roster and are willing to mortgage everything we have for Ben Simmons who would be a plus defender but we would give up alot to get minimal offensive production. I swear KAT is one year away from demanding a trade. I have been trying to be a Timberwolves but I see why people are done with this Organization.

    Be smooth


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