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TNO 175: Scar Jo Secures The Bag

Rod, Karen and Bacon discuss listener feedback, entertainment, Wargaming community manager quits, Twitter paid subscription service, Amazon palm swiping tech, Anthony Mackie to star in Twisted Metal TV series, Marcia Lucas hating on Star Wars, The Rock was almost Johnny Bravo, Twitch reaches deal with National Music Publishers, Paramount Plus bundle, Chinese whistle blower site, Gumball movie, Fortnite banned from IOS, Quantum Leap reboot, EU rules USB-C chargers for all phones, The Boys spinoff confirmed, The Mandalorian in production, Boba Fett starts 12/29, WoW making changes, Xbox Series X scalping on Amazon, Bungie ditches arbitration policy, Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania mix up, Twitch boost feature, Switch 4k Kits rumor turned down, Xbox adding accessibility tags to store, Konami working on games, Spider-man 2 will be dark and Disney settles with Scar Jo.


  1. Felix

    Hi y’all, Felix here. Just wanted to say thank god Bacon was on this episode. I was looking for a streamer to watch playing Tales of Arise and it’s so hard finding people to watch who are your vibe. I have been watching and enjoying that content while working.

    Also, on the George Lucas’ ex wife point, I think you guys got his wives mixed up. His current wife, the black woman, didn’t spout all that foolishness. The wife who did was the white one. He and his black wife are living drama free happy lives while his ex white wife seethes on the internet lmao.

    Ok, now onto main topics, now that my elaborate plan of working on mushoku Tensei to make y’all watch it has worked worked, I was wondering if you got to episode 4. And if so, what were your thoughts on the shenanigans. That episode has to be one of my favourite of the entire show so far.

    Additionally, the first episode I worked on also came out over the weekend and judging by the twitter streets and reaction videos I watched, was universally liked. I didn’t even have to use my burner to talk shit haha. My short sequence was when the dog joined the fight that episode so please look out for it when you get to episode 14. I’ll be showing up on one more episode this season so stay tuned. I’m looking forward to the Blu-ray version so I can own my work in physical form.

    Of all the DC fandome news, them releasing young justice minutes after the trailer was the biggest flex to me. I don’t care about anything else except maybe Gotham knights (my enthusiasm is pending confirmation on whether that robin is Damian or not, Tim can choke). Having watched the first 3 episodes of the season thanks to a VPN because WB is dumb as hell and never releases these things internationally, like seriously what kinda bootleg outfit doesn’t even have a UK app yet.

    The thing that stuck out to me about the episodes is that it’s the best version of Mars they’ve ever portrayed be it comics, movies or shows. Like legit dunks on everything that’s come before. I’m enjoying it immensely, especially with my faves the Legion of Superheroes sneaking around. Now if they don’t have BLACK lightning lad as our lord bendis intended that’ll be the only misstep haha. Also shout-out to Carl Lumbly who never misses a chance to play a martian.

    Onto Y: The Last Man, bruv I am sick of studios announcing shows are cancelled while they’re airing. What is the thought process behind that. They do realize even if it’s not performing highly it could still improve by the end. Announcing it’s cancelled ahead of the end just means no one will be bothered to stay invested. I’ve been enjoying it so hearing the news upset me so much. Almost got almost Human flashbacks with this behaviour.

    Lastly, now that twitter is rolling out a subscription service I’m definitely gonna start drawing buff dudes and ladies with bare midriffs and make a bit of money. Seeing how much a friend of mine makes off of just drawing anime girls with large bosoms made me question my life choises haha. Anyway love y’all, Felix out.

  2. Mwangangi

    The end of “What If?” was so teasingly near sasifying. The storytelling is borderline addictive. Y’all more hype for Eternals or Hawkeye (not that you *have* to choose)?

  3. Mdiarra

    Hey Rod, Karen and a gaggle of N words that isn’t Nigga. Man yall didnt lie about scar jo securing the bag. Im happy for her! Im so behind on all the nerd shit and trying to find time to catch up. But have yall seen what Ruby Rose posted about CW. Phew she dropped a bombshell about CW and if any of the allegations are true idk how CW continues with their shows. These working conditions are horrendous! and I wonder if its just Batwoman set or all of the DC tv shows? Idk if anybody else has spoken up so loudly about this. Im sure folks will be able to corroborate her allegations cause these kind of injuries/abuse on set mustve had very visible rumors going around. Damn shame.

  4. trojanscooter

    What’s up Rod, Karen & esteemed nerds?!

    It’s been a few days since DC FanDome and I must say I’m excited to see what happens with Ryan, Luke & crew on Batwoman Season 3. Having Ryan team up with Alice as a unlikely buddy cops made me chuckle.
    Seeing Grant Gustin get the gold boots finally was great. He deserves to have a proper Flash uniform. I’m excited to see Ava Duvernay’s DMZ and Naomi when they are released on Max and the CW respectively. To think there were people who thought she wouldn’t working. The other day I saw a commercial for a show executive produced by her on Peacock. Did the math and she has four TV projects on four networks. You love to see it!

    The highlight of the con (?) was the Milestone Media panel with Reginald Hudlin & Denys Cowan moderated by Echo Kellum aka Mr. Terrific. It came up immediately following the Black Adam panel so some may missed it. It was great hearing Hudlin & Cowans talk about the importance of Milestone, Dwayne McDuffie and his impact on artists, writing and inclusion in comics. Adding the announcements of more Milestone books, an animated show and live-action project for Static.

    Hope y’all enjoyed parts of it. Peace!

  5. csick

    Unity is a video game engine, similar to Unreal Engine that anyone can license and use to build their games on instead of having to code everything from scratch. It’s very popular among indie game studios which is why you see the Unity splash screen in lots of indie games. It doesn’t mean they’re made by the same people, just built using the same tools.

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