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2428: Chappelle’s Sleight Of Hand

Rod and Karen discuss the last Chappelle Netflix Special, Sage Steele, racist neighbor harasses Black family, NYPD cop suspended for riding on dirt bike, woman starts fire boiling bear urine, man arrested for taking upskirt videos and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    I watched the special and not gonna lie there were parts that I giggled but all the LGBTQ stuff particularly the trans jokes came off very much to me like I have a black friend therefore I’m not transphobic. It made me uncomfortable and I had a lot to process once it was over. It came to me that Dave is a hotep, he will always put the oppression of black men over any other oppressed group especially women and black people in the lgbtq community and he’s angry because he was called out on his shit. So instead of just backing off he doubled down because I believe his game is, if you cancel me, you’re racist.

    I believe he wants Netflix to pull his special so then he can say, see I told you! And it would be of no consequence to him because he gets paid either way. And then he could use it for more material.

  2. trey_swindu744

    Hey Rod & Karen

    First and foremost thank y’all for giving your thoughts on Chappelle show and I agree it saddens me deeply . I don’t understand how Chappelle doesn’t understand that respecting the next persons humanity shouldn’t be that hard of a thing to do. Does Chappelle not know that it was a ton of black gay/queer/trans young people that were out in those muthafuckin streets these past years protesting the cops beating and killing cishet black men. Dave low key or high key sounds more like a white comic wanting to bitch and complain about nonsensical things than someone holding some pro- black stance as Dave claimed he was doing. And even more sad – there was so much more interesting material Dave could have touched on but didn’t even bother .

    I’m sorry Rod and Karen all I’m left with as it applies to Chappelle is basically what Kid fury said on The Read “ some of these niggas just want to be white”

    Thanks again Rod and Karen


    • trey_swindu744

      Also I forgot to add Rod I started that “Southlake” podcast yesterday on the drive home from work and bruh this is a lot ! I’m only up to episode 4 and I’m already mad as hell lol , but compelled to keep listening. Thanks for the recommendation! Hopefully some more Texas tbgwt listeners can comment on that town too because I want more info on this town .

  3. matureyounglady@yahoo.com

    I haven’t watched the Chappelle special and likely won’t. I started the first one and never finished it. There’s plenty of thing to make jokes about that you don’t have to make the Trans community a punchline. I work with trans individuals at work and while I may not understand, I’m always gonna be respectful. I aim to be more thank respectful, I want to be an ally. I’m always open to be educated in things I don’t know about.

  4. reallydarkknight

    While you were reading Sage Steele’s comments, it occured to me that she doesn’t see herself at a Black woman. In every quote, she put out that she was ‘biracial’ and not Black. I think she’s trying to run away from Blackness as fast a she can. Much like her White relatives, I’m sure that her White friends talk the most shit about her when she’s not around.

    Oh well.


  5. RamseyDeeJenkins

    Rod, Thank you for giving me another opinion regarding the final Netflix special featuring Dave Chappelle. I watched Chappelle’s first Netflix special and have not watched the other three. I cannot believe he did not reach out to Black Transwomen (TS Madison, Laverne Cox, or Janet Mock) and have a conversation.

    Sage Steele and Candance Owens are exhausting.

  6. R_tick_chick

    On Chappelle- I watched this special because I watch almost all Netflix stand up specials. This was the first time I wasn’t excited to watch Dave. Some jokes were fine, but Dave was most definitely on some (white) man shit. As soon as he was refused something, he proceeded to show us how he could do whatever the hell he wanted. Whatever. At the end of the day, the jokes just didn’t land.

    On Sage Steele- a while ago, I saw a tweet by Dr. Tressie McMillan Cottom related to biracial children. The general tweet was that children are socialized by their mothers and so many things clicked into place for me. A white mother would have to put in a lot of effort to provide that sort of exposure to their kids, and I think many of those women “don’t see color,” so they don’t think it’s important. It makes sense to me that a person like Sage presents a convenient detachment from being a black woman. There are many social rules among groups, and black women have one of the most sophisticated, in my (humble) opinion. She either never took time to learn about those relationships, or didn’t hold the proper respect for them. It wasn’t her fault as a child, but once Sage became an adult, she made a choice.

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