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2430: Hwacha Gone Do About This?

Rod and Karen recap The Walking Dead.

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  1. EvieE

    I have a feeling that Daryl is gonna end up killing Leah. Thankfully Maggie and Negan and Gabe took out most of the reapers and Pope is gone. I think we’ll be done with that storyline the first episode in the next half. No point in playing this out for much longer when we have to consider that this is the last season. They still have to show what’s happening in the commonwealth. Also Maggie once again has Negan to thank for coming up with the whisperer plan but of course she’ll never acknowledge that. Rot with Henry , Maggie.

    You brought up a very good point Rod, if I had survived the wolves, Woodbury, cannibals, the whispers and the saviors there’s not a lot I wouldn’t do to live in a town with lollipops and ice cream. I would turn into Sage Steele and Candace Owens so fast. Boy the shucking and jiving I would do to remain in the commonwealth . Want me to lean how to tap dance, I would be tapping like Mr Bojangels.

    Enjoyed the recaps. I’m hangiing in there with you until the end .

  2. mizzbarnes

    The Three percenter is DEAD!!!

    And someone far worse has taken his place……

    This episode was so good! Leah is going to be a whole problem and she got her henchman that hates Daryl’s ass. I cannot wait for the second half of this final season.

    I cannot say this enough……shout out to Angela Kang for rehabbing our series into some damn good television!!! I am excited about where this final season is going.

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